By Harold Fuller

Local fans were treated to another real amateur show recently when the Block H Society of the Mineral County High School presented its annual boxing program along with added specialties. With the exception of two exhibition bouts all the fights were staged by local high school and grammar school mitt slingers. Two grade school boys, Darius Cable and Eugene Baxter, at 135 pounds, out on a fast and furious display for two rounds until Cable got in a good punch and the referee, Marine Sergeant McKinnon called it a TKO for Cable. In the next grammar school bout J.C. Gable took a close decision over Eddie Packwood in a good display of boxing. Vernon Davis and Roger Klaskate, 135 pounds, were the first high school performers of the evening. Davis put up a sufficient number of points to take the decision in this one.

Don DeWalt and Richard Arenas, 130 pounds, put on one of the fastest bouts of the evening. Arenas carried a heavy left but DeWalt was smart enough to keep out of range and still carry the fight for a clear decision. In a strange interlude to a boxing program, “Moose” Danley and “Bull” Kreimeyer, two popular high school football players, put on a six minute wrestling exhibition that included everything to be included at a professional “grunt and groan” show- – even to involve the referee who came out third best in the brawl.

Delton Glenn and Gary Barton, 130 pounds, repeated their fast performance of a year ago, in a bout that was wild and hectic. The draw decision was well received by the crowd. “Tex” Williams, 116 pounds, and Forrest Kinkade, 118 pounds, put on the show of the evening. Kinkade used his advantage of height and reach to pile up the edge in points the first two rounds but just as the bell ended the second round “Tex” had a haymaker on the way, and it landed- – right on Kinkade’s chin. The wallop was definitely felt by Kinkade and although he lasted most of the fight, Williams continued to get in more good punches and was given a TKO late in the third round.

Richard Nixon and Raymond Joe, 155 pounds, did some heavy slugging for three rounds but Nixon held the advantage throughout, getting in some telling blows and taking the decision. Two marines, Canata and Gregovich, put on an exhibition that won the acclaim of the audience. Canata, the more experienced boxed of the two, displayed that he would be a good match for any man in his weight class, while Gregovich proved to be a game and clever opponent. The exhibition between Bucky Johnson and Roland Quartz, of Schurz, failed to be even a good exhibition bout. Johnson had too much weight and reach advantage to make a good fight. Quartz would have, no doubt, done very well with someone in his own weight class. That’s the way it was at MCHS in 1948.