70 Years Ago – Officials of the Bonanza Air Lines were in Hawthorne to meet with city officers, naval depot officials and civic leaders to make final preparations for the establishment of necessary facilities at the Hawthorne municipal airport to comply with CAA requirements when Bonanza was to commence its interstate service later that month or early in December.

10 Years Ago:

  • Hawthorne’s first recovery event was held at Lions Park. The folks at the event were there to encourage and support the fact that recovery is possible from substance abuse and dependence. The event was well attended, the weather was awesome and the food was delicious.
  • The Mineral County Community Health Nurse had started receiving limited amounts of H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine. At the time the clinic had received a small amount of the nasal spray vaccine and began immunizing health care and emergency medical services personnel.

20 Years Ago:

  • Dismantling of the eight ore silos near Luning started. The structure was to be taken apart and taken to California by truck and trailer by Mineral Resources of Oroville, Calif. These silos were used during the World War II era by the Basic Inc. Mining Company located at Gabbs as holding containers for different grades of brucite and magnesite ores, where they were loaded on train cars.
  • Attended by more than 500 adults, children and artists from the Great Basin and surrounding areas, the 1999 Walker Lake Arts Festival generated thousands of dollars while educating attendees on the plight of the threatened lake.

30 Years Ago:

  • It takes a lot of “cool” to drive a trucktrailer rig at speed exceeding 100 miles an hour with no brakes functioning but Jeff Carter was able to steer the rig into the desert near Gabbs and escape with only minor injury. Carter, who had recently moved to Hawthorne from Winnemucca, was hauling 50 tons of gold ore from a mine near Grantsville to Silver Peak when the accident occurred just north of Gabbs city limits.
  • Under an arrangement agreed upon at the meeting of the county commissioners, the Babbitt Bowling Alley would be managed by Day & Zimmermann/Basil Corp., under an agreement with Mineral County which had agreed to become lessee of the property from the army.

40 Years Ago:

  • Mineral County Chamber of Commerce was to hold a general membership meeting in the Lakeview Room of the El Capitan Convention Center to discuss the why or why not of trout planting at Walker Lake by a panel of authorities. A study released by the Desert Research Institute had been quite positive that trout survival and growth rates in Walker Lake were better than originally anticipated. The study also favored increased fish planting for Walker Lake.
  • A total of 181 students received diplomas from the University of Nevada, Reno at the conclusion of the year’s summer session and 81 of them were either master’s or doctoral degrees. Mineral County residents receiving diplomas were: Lance M. Sato and Sherry A. Verling, both of Hawthorne.

50 Years Ago:

  • Apprehended and booked by Mineral County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of transportation of a stolen vehicle over a state line, Sam Lee Campbell of Grass Valley, Calif., was awaiting transportation on to Reno by a U.S. Marshall.
  • For the first time in 14 years, the board of directors of Basic Incorporated held their annual meeting in Nevada. Board members of the Cleveland-based firm toured the Gabbs facility of Basic Incorporated and participated in a directors’ meeting, also in Gabbs.

60 Years Ago:

  • Approximately 50 men were still continuing rescue work at the Mohawk Mine near Silver Peak in an effort to reach three miners who had been trapped underground since the previous Friday. Only hope of finding the trapped miners alive rests on the possibility they had some warning on the impending cave-in and were able to reach an area of the mine where the fresh air supply was not cut off.
  • Guilty of assault with the intent to kill was the verdict rendered by the jury which heard the trial of Willie Lockwood of Hawthorne. The jury recommended leniency and defense attorney, Fred A. Nelson, requested that sentence be deferred until a probation report could be made on Lockwood by the state probation officer.
  • A 16-year-old California youth being held in Mineral County Jail took a leave of absence, but not for long. The youth unlocked the jail door with some old ballot box keys he had found in the basement while working there with other prisoners and took off on foot. He later told Sheriff E. T. Sanderson he had cross-wired a Civil Defense pickup at the rear of the jail but decided not to become involved in a second car theft.

70 Years Ago:

  • Hawthorne’s third annual fall celebration and rodeo attracted hundreds of visitors from all over Nevada and parts of California and with full cooperation from the weather man, proved to be the finest program yet presented.

80 Years Ago:

  • The first of a series of card parties in which several women residents of the town and naval depot were participating was held at the home of Mrs. S. E. Bower. Halloween decorations prevailed for the occasion.
  • Mineral County’s tax rate in 1939 was to be no higher than in 1938 and would be almost 37 cents lower than first estimated when the annual budget was adopted earlier in the year it was revealed by County Clerk and Treasurer D.M. Buckingham following his return from Carson City where he was in conference with the state tax commission which resulted in the reduction in the rate.
  • Date of trial in the district court in the case in which County Treasurer D. M. Buckingham was made defendant on a charge of alleged misappropriation of public funds in the amount of $150 was expected to be set for the week when Judge Wm. D. Hatton was to hold court here.

90 Years Ago:

  • Hawthorne was now using the water from the temporary supply system. Some 73,000 gallons of water were available daily.
  • Preparations for the Navy Day Ball to be given on Oct. 26, by Mineral Post No. 19, of the American Legion, were taxing the united energies of the local legionnaires and “surprise” was the indicated key-note of the diversion.