Dear Editor,

Walker Lake residents: I’m sorry if I offend anybody, but in my opinion this really should be heard and seriously considered by you all. First of all, if you really want more regulations, rules and restrictions that follow states like California that many of us fled from. All I can say is, “don’t California our Walker Lake!” When you regularly state how some of these people don’t follow code, just remember when you illegally drive your quads, side by sides and golf carts and helmet-less motorcycles, someone that doesn’t agree with your rules, regulations and restrictions will more than likely be your main problem.

Myself, I really don’t care what others do unless it’s going to hurt or damage others or property. Remember folks, this is America and we are as of yet free to opine and my opinion is that a lot of us have moved here to get away from California’s liberal restrictions and bullshit! You sit up there proudly look down your noses, crossing your arms like you are all that, what happened when the first board was attempted to form and every one of you were too busy to volunteer to help but when your “click” gets together and have secret meetings to form the very same board that you were too busy to attend or volunteer. Hypocrisy at its worse! Some of us aren’t as wealthy as the rest, some of us aren’t physically able to pretty up their properties to your liking. Maybe I should go to each of your houses and pick it apart as you are attempting here, If I see crap in your yards, I may ask if help is needed. Where you, well you want to demand they make you happy.

This not California! You my friends are an “advisory board, not a home owners association” where you can demand those living within a certain area mow their lawns to all look alike! Or paint our home to a certain hue! We don’t even have curbs nor sidewalks with the majority of our roads Un-paved. And you act like we should be look-alike lemmings. Sorry, not going to happen.

We are all individuals with individual tastes and characteristics. You within the advisory board need to understand this and back the hell off or you will have many that will not abide by your hypocrisy or restrictive ideas and demands. You will eventually make things worse via ignorant ideas and demands.

Lawrence Worthen
Walker Lake