Dear Editor,

I see that the opioid crisis is hitting close to home. Tremendous burden on law enforcement, social services, hospitals, etc. Also traffic accidents, domestic abuse, theft and other crimes to support the habit.

Meanwhile, our public officials, both county and state, are getting into bed with purveyors of controlled narcotics, in exchange for a percentage of the profits, of course. Deputies are arresting people for MJ [marijuana], while politicians are anticipating the revenue from government collusion with the illicit drug trade. It must be tough to be a cop these days.

MJ [marijuana] is so potent and addictive that these new strains actually alter brain function. Documented fact, Google it!

If MJ [marijuana] is acceptable, even though the politicians admit that it is illegal, why not take a percentage of the opioid trade? What the hell, controlled narcotics are controlled narcotics, drug money is drug money, the law of the land be damned! What is really more important anyway?

Barack Obama made a dirty, corrupt deal with Eric Holder, under the table and well-connected friends made millions. DOJ [Department of Justice] quietly agreed to look the other way. AG [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions promised to fully resume enforcement of Fed. MJ [Marijuana] laws. Notice that he is not around anymore? Meanwhile, drug money is being laundered into strategic campaign contributions, to preserve the gravy train for the special few. Communities are going down the toilet, while special people reap the windfall.

Are you being properly protected from the scourge of illegal narcotics by your elected representatives, so-called community leaders? Probably not, they are busy catering to the illicit drug industry, hoping to rake in (dirty, tainted) drug money. It is time to clean house. Speak up now.

Tom Bergeron Sr.