Dear Editor and Mineral County communities,

I am currently helping my husband locate his grandfather. His mother never met him but she had the name Lloyd Thompson and that he lived in Sacramento, Calif. around 1962. DNA has confirmed close connections with his cousins, the Herringtons. Unfortunately, no one seems to know if he is currently alive or how to contact his children.

The last place they recall him living was Hawthorne. His children are possibly named Deborah and Robert. I have included a photo; he is the man on the far right. Any information would be appreciated so much.

If you have information, please call us at 541-788-0945 or email at:

Kristine and Greg Andrews

Bend, Ore.

Dear Editor,

I was given too much credit in last week’s paper. The photo of the “Native Grass” on the backside of Walker Lake was taken by my wife, Kay.

Wade Barton

Dear Editor,

I’d like to put in my “nickels worth” about “Patriots Plaza.”

We don’t need another park, tearing it down costs money and you just end up with nothing but another empty lot. Fixing it up also costs money, but you still have something. The building appears to be fairly “sound”. Needs cleaning up and painted, that’s true. It could be fixed up for a kids hang-out, for example: one of the portable sandwich business’s “Pepper’s Place” or “Burke’s BBQ” or a business like that could set up there. There’s room for tables and chairs for sit down dining, or room for dancing or video games. A place for kids to just hang-out. Put it up for sale; price it to sell, for a business that might be interested. Advertise out of town and out of state. That got to be better than just tearing it down.

Tom Dickison