90 Years Ago – Lucky Boy Work to Start Soon- President John H. Miller of the Lucky Boy Consolidated Mines Company has announced that shortly after the holidays a force of men would be put to work at the Lucky Boy Mine. The work will consist of the installation of a hoist, pipe lines and other necessary equipment, preparatory to starting the winze in the McCormick block, 4,000 feet from the portal of the Miller tunnel at a depth of 1,000 feet from the surface. Very rich ore is exposed at this point and President Miller promises to show some rich specimens from this section as soon as sinking is started.

10 Years Ago

  • Amerigas Joining with CAHS/ Family Resource in Community Wide Food Drive- With the economy the way it is, this year was very difficult on the local Consolidated Agencies of Human Services (CAHS)/ Family-Resource Center. Families within the communities of Hawthorne, Mina, Luning, Gabbs, Walker Lake and Schurz are going to bed or going to school, or to work hungry because of the lack of food. In November of this year, four hundred and seventy-nine people received food from the Government Emergency Food Assistance Program, which is distributed by the CAHS office. The food pantry at this office is visited by at least six to eight families a week. Amerigas invited the community to join them at the food drive, to help replenish resources.
  • This year at Pizza Factory – Lunch salads for only $1.99 and lunch specials starting at $4.50.

20 Years Ago

  • Lady Serpents Claim Carson Tourney Title- The Lady Serpents traveled to Carson City to play in the host Lions Club Tournament. Ten teams from Nevada and California played in this year’s tournament. The Lady Serpents played well all week, defeating Lowry 53-41, Dayton 76-38, Hug 56-41 and finally after six attempts the California powerful Marina, the tournament champion for the past three years 65-40. This put the Serpents into the championship game against host Carson City that evening.
  • Fishing Report- A few of the boats are doing very well, with broken back flatfish and torpedos. More fishermen are doing very well at Sand Point. Ten year old Daniel Norcom landed a beautiful 5 pound 15 ounce cutthroat on Sand Point using Powerbait.

30 Years Ago

  • Rocket Talk-The Rocket basketball teams traveled to the home of the Lovelock Colts this week, thirty years ago. The seventh grade team had one of their best games so far this season. They lost the game 29-24, but still played great. The leading scorers for the team were Darren Hamrey with 8 points; the next was Brian Sample with 6. Coach Miller’s words were “the team did great in rebounding and they really hustled. This was their best game yet.”
  • Man Sentenced Three Years in State Prison- Lyle C. Steiner, 34, was sentenced to serve three years in state prison after he plead guilty to a charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance when he appeared before Judge Paul Parraguirre in district court in Hawthorne.

40 Years Ago

  • Women Today: Your Child and ToysAll children like presents and at this busy time of year you might not give proper thought to your purchase. Children are bombarded with toy advertising which is likely to confuse them and creates a demanding child. They also can be overwhelmed by too many toys. A toy should be purchased keeping in mind the age, needs and interest of the child. Many so called educational toys are worthless and contribute nothing to the child’s learning. Knowing your child and taking time to analyze toys pays off.
  • The El Capitan Christmas dinner menu listed deep fried prawns and roast prime rib for $5.95.

50 Years Ago

  • Town Of Mina Has Beautiful Christmas Tree- A beautiful 40-foot Douglas fir Christmas tree was donated to the community of Mina and was erected in the public park in the center of that town. The tree was obtained in Portola, Calif. by Jim Parker of Security Ready Mix Co. of Reno, who provided a truck to haul the tree to Mina. Erection and decoration of the tree was a project that the Mina Chamber of Commerce completed.
  • Western Auto Store Hit By Burglars- Burglars forced their way into the new Western Auto store late in the evening and took an estimated $200 in merchandise and some cash. It was the third time this year that the business had been burglarized. Merchandise taken included a target pistol and some stereos. Cash change in both registers was taken. Sheriff’s deputies were continuing their investigation based upon some possible evidence located at the scene of the burglary.

60 Years Ago

  • Solons Honored at Dinner- More than 150 residents of the community gathered at the Monte Carlo for a testimonial dinner honoring U.S. Senators Alan Bible and Howard Cannon and Representative Walter Baring. State Senator Peter Echeverria of Washoe County was master of ceremonies for the gathering and kept the program moving at a fast pace. Bible, Cannon and Baring all spoke briefly and expressed their appreciation for being invited to come to Hawthorne as a delegation, to assist the community, in whatever way possible, to overcome some of the current economic problems. The dinner was arranged be the Democratic Central Committee of Mineral County, but was made a public affair in order to have greater community representation regardless of political affiliation.
  • Have You Seen?- Roadside rest newly erected four miles this side of Schurz, consisting of three tables and benches.

70 Years Ago

  • Diamonds Are Found Hidden Near Route 95- A briefcase containing diamond rings valued at several thousand dollars was found about sixteen miles north of Hawthorne in the same area where theft of diamonds from an unoccupied automobile was reported by a jewelry salesman, of Los Angeles. Highway department maintenance workers discovered the briefcase by a small embankment near the highway while they were engaged in maintenance work. They brought the valuable cache to the sheriff’s office in Hawthorne and the gems and leather container matched the description of the property that had been reported stolen.
  • Firemen Make Run To Green FrontThe Hawthorne fire department was called to the Green Front. Assistant Chief Vearl Seevers attributed the alarm to an overheated flue and said that no damage resulted.

80 Years Ago

  • Legion Prepares For New Year’s Dance- Committees have been named by Mineral County Post No. 19 American Legion to prepare for the annual New Year’s Eve dance, a social event of importance staged each year by that organization, according to the announcement made. Plans were now being formulated by the committees to make the dance a huge success. Because New Years Eve fell on a Sunday of this year, the dance was held the night before.
  • Reno Firm is Given Contract to Install Mina Heating System- On a low bid, H.E. Saviers & Sons of Reno were awarded a contract to install a modern oil-burning heating system in the elementary school building at Mina. Work on the installation started as soon as possible after the school closed for the annual two week Christmas vacation and it was understood that the contract would be completed during that period. The new system was ready for operation when the school resumed.

90 Years Ago

  • Now For A Bootleggers’ Ball- Milwaukee is abandoning its famous Brewers’ Ball because the membership of the society giving the ball has declined from 5,000 to 125. Now why doesn’t New York put on a bootleggers’ ball, just to show the country the dignified standing and the importance of what it insists is one of the city’s leading industries?