Dear Editor,

I lived in Mina for seven years, from 1950 through 1957. I do consider these as some of the best years of my life. I worked as a warehouseman for Great Lakes Carbon Corp. loading box cars with their products, then as a truck driver. Over these years I developed many good friendships, some of which I’m still in touch with today. These I do cherish. When I became unhappy with my job at Great Lakes, I got a job with Wells Cargo, hauling iron ore from Gabbs to Luning, Nevada. Then when this job was done, Chuck Branscomb (my boss), got me a job as Wells Cargo’s agent in Hawthorne. I did this for two years then they moved me to Reno where I would drive line truck for them for the next 21 years. Since then I have lived in various places and done many things.

Perhaps at some later date I will share some of these experiences with you, but for now I would like to go back to Mina and what I do consider a shame that nothing has been done to have another reunion. The one we shared in 2006 was I think a great success and a lot of fun, but that has been a long time ago folks, I would like to see my old Mina friends at least once a year. I would like to hear from some of them as to how they feel and what they would like to do. But for goodness sake let’s do something.

I would be glad to do my poetry recital and if nothing else happens, sing some of my songs. No doubt there are many other talented people among them Minaites who would welcome the chance to show what they can do.

Bill “The Poet” Smith
Parowan, Utah

[Editor’s Note: Bill sent some business cards to the Independent-News for those wishing to contact him.]