90 Years Ago – Discovery by federal prohibition agents found a small quantity of whiskey in the Northern Club at Hawthorne resulted in the arrest of Lloyd Coatney, its owner and operator. Coatney was arraigned before United States Commissioner Merchant at Hawthorne and was released on $1,000 bail.

10 Years Ago:

  • Hawthorne Utilities Director Steven Gustafson and Kirk Swanson, hydrologist with Far West Engineering, checked the water flow from the new well during testing. At the time, the flow was holding a constant 1,800 gallons per minute, as it had done for 52 hours. The work was continuing on the new Babbitt well.
  • Phillip Mills and Wilson Kissee, both from Hawthorne, escorted Donna Carvnar of Beaver, Calif., out to Weber Reservoir to go catfishin’ – and that is exactly what they did. Back in Hawthorne before noon, they were excited about their catch of the day and stopped by the Independent-News office to have their “picture took.”

20 Years Ago:

  • A crop of over 150 marijuana plants with an estimated street cash value of over a million dollars was seized in Schurz by the three-man Walker River Tribal Paiute Police Department. At 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 18, the police officers responded to a report of a domestic abuse with injuries incident at a residence in Schurz. During the abuse investigation, officers discovered a need of further investigation and obtained a search warrant to enter a travel trailer on the premises. Upon service of the search warrant, officers discovered a garden of over 150 marijuana plants in various stages of growth and a supply of drug paraphernalia. In further search the officers found four firearms and about 300 rounds of ammunition. Taken into custody was a 39-year old, non-Indian man from Cloverdale, Ore. and was taken to Hawthorne and booked in the Mineral County Jail. \
  • The large propane tanks belonging to All Star Gas Company had to be drained prior to being moved to the Industrial Park in Hawthorne.

30 Years Ago:

  • In the early morning hours of July 28, Hawthorne residents living on 1st and M Streets were alarmed by dogs barking at something in the yard. Much to their surprise the residents found a young male spike Mule Deer in their front yard.
  • With the approval of a motion made by Commissioner Tony Lessard, the ambulance rates for Mineral County would be increased effective Aug. 16. The base rate in town would be $150. The out of town rate would be $150 plus $3 a mile. Any items used from the ambulance supplies would be billed to the patient at current hospital rates.

40 Years Ago:

  • Normal E. Hudgens was found guilty of a charge of slot machine cheating by a jury in district court following approximately four and a half hours of deliberation.
  • Mineral County Commissioners were advised by representatives of the state highway department of plans for possible highway and road work in this county during the fiscal year.

50 Years Ago:

  • The Naval Ammunition Depot at Hawthorne was to have their annual employees depot birthday picnic. The picnic was to be held at the Sportsman’s Beach recreation area approximately 16 miles north of Hawthorne on the west shore of Walker Lake.
  • After deliberating almost 12 hours, the jury in the trail of Melvin Dummar, charged with forgery, failed to reach a verdict and was dismissed by Judge Kenneth Mann.
  • Safe landing for pilot and four passengers but a somewhat damaged airplane resulted when a charter airplane had to land at Hawthorne Airport without benefit of landing gear which reportedly failed to function when needed.

60 Years Ago:

  • Major Jimmy Helm of the Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) reported that an aircraft radio was taken from the control tower at the airport. After six years of effort the local C.A.P. had just received the radio and its loss was a serious blow to their program of search and rescue and for use in other emergencies such as forest fires.
  • Public notice was given that the south exit of Ranger Avenue in Babbitt was to be closed permanently by barricades between 27th Street in Babbitt and 10th Street in Hawthorne, as a result of an engineering study.

70 Years Ago:

  • Because of a reduction in appropriation for the operation and maintenance of the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot during the fiscal year 1950, a reduction in personnel had become necessary. Approximately 125 employees, representing about 10 percent of the total number of civil service employees at the depot, had received notices of separation.
  • Three local business establishments were broken into and robbed within one week. The robbers had not been traced in any of the three instances, according to the city police department and the Mineral County sheriff’s office.

80 Years Ago:

  • Bids were opened in the office of the State Highway Commission at Carson City for construction of the five and three-tenths miles of highway near Basalt on the Montgomery Pass route. There were five bidders. The contract was let go to J. A. Casson & Co. on their low bid of $35,581.71. The second lowest bidder was the Nevada Rock & Sand Company at $36,156.24.
  • James Evans, a Mina man, who was being held in jail at Mina for a preliminary charge of giving a bad check to Lee Wong, took advantage of the leniency of Deputy Sheriff E.S. Perry and escaped. He had asked Deputy Perry to accord him the privilege of telephoning to his mother in the hope of raising money to pay the check. Perry took him to the telephone booth in the Baker Hotel and barley before his back was turned Evans had slipped out and escaped.

90 Years Ago:

  • With the arrival in Hawthorne from Los Angeles of Jack Scarlett, Mittry Construction Company superintendent, activities on the navy reservation received their first pronounced impulse. Immediately upon the arrival of Mr. Scarlett a hurry call for men was broadcast throughout the town and practically every available man in Hawthorne was on the payroll.