Dear Editor,

After reading the paper last week I have to say I was left very confused. I do not understand why Mr. Greenfield called the state office in Elko and filed complaints regarding the Mineral County Fire Department. As the Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief, Mr. Greenfield was obviously aware of all of the issues at the department, yet chose to say and do nothing about it until he was relieved of duty.

With both he and former Chief Knight presenting the “One Team, One Dream” motto to the commissioners, he is culpable in all of the things that are out of date at the department. Under that leadership, how safe were our firefighters? In my opinion, as someone in a leadership position, Mr. Greenfield should have brought all of these issues to light long before he was ever dismissed from his position. It seems to me, retaliation and attempting to save face is higher priorities to Mr. Greenfield than the safety of our firefighters ever was. And that is a shame.

Elizabeth Chisholm