Dear Editor,

To all who were concern[ed] about my grandson, Jonathan C. Scott, he is doing great re: arrest report in last week’s paper those were not the charges against Jonathan. I was there when he was in court and on his bail release papers he had one charge which was “use/under influence schedule (own recognizance release)”. Court papers state (1) charge did “use or under influence schedule I, II, III, IV control substance, to-wit marijuana (weed)”. Jonathan did not go to school smoking weed nor did he smoke at school or on school bus, period point blank.

Jonathan was home and I told deputy he could go get him and test him. He tested for a small amount and he sat quietly in lobby and they came out and told him “we’re keeping you”.

Jonathan turned 18 years in October and all his classmates are still 17 years. Those of you who know Jonathan know he is a nice, polite and intelligent young man. In no way, shape, form or fashion would Jonathan disrespect anyone, let alone an adult or officer. My grandson may not be perfect but one thing I do know he is a Christian and a very respectful young man. His focus is on his graduation and sports.

For anyone who thinks otherwise, I will tell you right now – Jonathan C. Scott – my grandson, is not a criminal. Has never been in any kind of trouble his whole 18 years and for me to read that write-up in [the] paper was shocking to say the less.

I will not sit back and let anyone hurt my kids. I will not let this spoil his senior year. I’ve not seen or heard anything about the other boys (but of course, they’re juveniles) or what part the teacher played in this.

Jonathan was not on that bus by himself, there was other adults. My take on this is if teacher suspected the boys had been smoking or smelling like weed, they should not have been allowed to go on that trip and police should have been called right then. I for a fact know the teacher smelled it because when speaking to him he told me so.

This letter is not meant to belittle or put anyone down but to only clear up any misunderstanding, re: Jonathan C. Scott, who I am proud to call “my grandson”.

Mrs. Shirley Coyne