Dear Editor,

Memorial Day to me was a huge success, there was not one ounce of dog sh!t anywhere, my dog project idea worked. The colonel who was the main guest speaker was so pleased after it was all over he invited me as his guest at the VFW Club and he even bought me a life membership to the club. I’ve never felt so honored in my whole life. It erases the stigma of some of these idiots that give me negative opinions.

What burns me up though is when a soldier in Afghanistan is killed he gets a little spread in the obituary. When David Cassidy just died, he is spread all over tabloids. They are still harping on Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. These are not my hero’s. My hero’s wear Kevlar not capes. Everybody loves Rambo; he is a fake who portrays real life soldiers who risk their lives. Evil Knievel can dress in an American flag suit with a cape jump over obstacles and he is idolized.

An American soldier puts on their uniform of his country come home hurt and he is spit on he has just done death defying acts for his country. But, who do people idolized? A stuntman. They want his autograph. I’ve been told before that to mention my experience in a combat zone. The pints of blood I lost over there, to shut up, it’s to gross. Yet, they can hear of a stuntman’s trails and love it. I saw in a store, Rambo Shrapnel Gum. It’s a good sales promotion. I have something for them an old dried up Rambo turd for sale $100 bucks, any takers?

What I am saying is out society is phony, too much false idolatry worship. Those guys on those bricks are the real hero’s. I even think about the Revolutionary War Vets. If we had not won that war this country would be British Crown today. They are not mythical hazy people from the past. They are real heroes.

Jon T. Johnson


dear editor,

The Coalition of Mineral County would like to say thank you to Jeri Lynn Lande and the Class of 1978 for their donation.

Coalition of Mineral County