Amber Fitzer

Heidi Weaver

Suzanne Martin

Myrna West

Felician Skvarna

As students are settling into this new year of school, many new hires are doing the same. Heidi Weaver, librarian aide for the Hawthorne Elementary School (HES) was delighted to find such she inherited such a well-stocked room of books and organized sections.

“I get to see each class once a week for 30 minutes, so I can pull out age-appropriate books and have new items set up for them before they arrive. I am an avid reader myself, so I want to show the kids my own love for books, to guide them along. I even have one girl that told me she loves thrillers, so I already pulled a few books out for her.”

Weaver reads to the youngest students and uses the ABC Mouse program in the HES library to promote reading. She is anxious to gradually put her own touches on the room so the kids can enjoy changes along the way.

Felician Skvarna joined Ms. Hayhurst’s Pre-School class as a para-pro aide. The Independent-News caught her enjoying a quick lunchtime with her own son, Dean, who attends Hawthorne Elementary School.

Suzanne Martin also joined the HES teaching team, relocating from Las Vegas to work in a smaller environment, after completing four years of teaching.

Teacher Myrna West, and transferred from HES to teach math at the high school level. Her students joined in her photo saying she was a great geometry teacher.

Amber Fitzer was hired by JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) as an instructor and advocate in bringing job opportunities and ideas to the minds of Mineral County High School students. These JAG classes utilize programs that promote work ethics, experience job skills and provide learning moments from volunteer professionals who share personal overviews.

Superintendent Walt Hackford welcomed these employees as another positive step toward the advancement of a wonderful 2017-18 school year.