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Yearbook student representatives, from left, Shaylee Gavin, Martin Waggoner, Jr., Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, Caitlyn Rogers, Dylan Bruggeman, Malina Hamabata-Davis and Johnny Dragon.

Students from Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Junior High met last week to develop plans for the “annual,” a publication that highlights the activities that take place throughout the year.

There are student representatives for each grade 7 through 12 which helps assure that important events are covered for the entire school and that there is equity among each grade level. The students will be putting together the yearbook which chronicles academic activities, music, drama, sports and student life.

The yearbook enterprise is actually very similar to a student-run business, according to yearbook adviser Kathy Trujillo. “The students will be involved in every aspect of the yearbook,” Trujillo explained, “selling ads, marketing the yearbook, creating content, proofreading, attending events, meeting deadlines and staying within budget.” Senior Malina Hamabata-Davis, a returning yearbook student, will assure that the graduating class of 2019’s memories are highlighted and share her knowledge with the yearbook class before completing her 12th grade year.

During introductions and after going over the course syllabus last week almost every member of the class stated that interest in photography was what drew them to the yearbook activity. Trujillo also has an interest in photography and spent several years working for the Independent-News during which time she took college classes from Tony Hughes, a local photographer and former co-owner of the newspaper. In addition to photography, each student will be responsible for creating stories and learning the computer software that is used to develop the yearbook. Caitlyn Rogers, a junior at Mineral County High School exclaimed, “I am really excited for yearbook this year! I’m super looking forward to how this year’s yearbook turns out!” Dylan Bruggeman, also a 10th grader, is looking forward to working with his classmates this year and bringing some fun to the yearbook staff.

The yearbook staff will begin selling advertisements within the next couple of weeks. Businesses and individuals are asked to consider purchasing ads and being a part of the school’s published history. Sales of the yearbooks will begin soon, with an early bird special planned for reserving the 2018-2019 copy early. “Keep in mind that we sold out completely last year,” Trujillo added, “reserving a copy is the best way to assure that enough are produced and that everyone that wants a yearbook will get one.”

For the past couple of years, the Hawthorne Junior High Rockets have been included in the yearbook and this year will be no exception. Martin Waggoner, Jr. and Shaylee Gavin will be representing the 7th grade. Both students bring playful energy to the group with Waggoner’s motto being, “No work there is without fun,” and Shaylee, “There is no yearbook without the sacrificial fork.” Four 8th grade students expressed an interested in being on the yearbook team and interviews will be held early next week.

One of the first assignments that students will be asked to complete is to take photographs of things that they love to share with the others. Cheyenne Walker noted, “There are a lot of great opportunities, and I look forward to this class every day.” Next, the students will evaluate and critique last year’s publication and make a plan for the year’s work. Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, representing the freshmen stated, “I’m looking forward to gaining new experiences and skills.” Castillo-Trujillo’s job is also to make sure that the seniors of 2022 will remember their 9th grade year with laughter and tears when they graduate. Everyone will be working hard to meet deadlines and create a quality product this school year. Johnny Dragon mentioned that he is really looking forward to exploring, “the power of journalism.” Please contact Kathy Trujillo at the high school, 945-3332 extension 16 if you have any questions about the 2018-19 yearbook.