4Running into a burning building, saving a cat from a tree or riding a ladder truck were all dreams of honorary fireman Aiden Riebel, of New Jersey, who had dreamed of donning a helmet and helping his community.

His dreams were cut short at the age of seven when he lost his battle with leukemia on Dec. 10.

Knowing how strong his dream was, firemen and women around the country stood vigil for their fallen comrade when Riebel was laid to rest on Dec. 17.

At 8:30 a.m. Mineral County Fire Department along with volunteers of Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Dept. stood in silence for seven golden minutes, honoring the tender age of Riebel, with the lights of their trucks flashing in remembrance.

Though Riebel is survived by four sisters and brothers, along with his parents, there is an extended family of firefighters who remember their childhood dreams and made sure that the young, courageous boy was given the same respect as any fallen firefighter.

Jim Kenner contributed to this story