The Walker Lake Working Group met at the Mineral County Library on July 14. Items on the agenda included “A Night in the Country” event representative from Yerington. The WLWG is renting a 10-acre parcel of the land to the event.

Ashley Downing, a representative from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, a major advocate for Walker Lake, screened a working copy of a 14-minute video for the group. NFWF shot the video for the express purpose of showing how stakeholders in the Walker River/Lake water system from Mason Valley farmers to Hawthorne citizens work together for the benefit of the lake.

Hawthorne citizen and WLWG President Glenn Bunch had a featured role as did Mineral County teacher Darren Hamrey. The WLWG received the video with great enthusiasm. NFWF plans to post the video on their website in the very near future.

Downing also said recent NFWF purchases of water rights on the Walker River upped the group’s water rights to 60 cubic feet per second. Regardless, no water flows into the northern end of Walker Lake at this time.

After discussing boat ramp issues along with the current depth of the lake, the meeting adjourned. The group scheduled its next meeting got August 19, 2 the Mineral County Library meeting room.