The Walker Lake Working group finally ironed out an agreement with Yerington’s “A Night in the Country” event to provide access to event parking through WLWG property in Yerington.

“We first thought we wanted a dollar per car, then somehow it got around they would pay our property taxes. I told them ‘That ain’t what we talked about,’” said WLWG President Glenn Bunch.

Other problems with NIC included building a road across the WLWG property without express permission from the group. “When I saw that, I called them and said, ‘If we don’t have a contract by the end of the day, this ain’t happening,” Bunch said. NIN immediately went to work negotiating a contract with the group.

After negotiations the WLWG signed a contract they thought offered the best of both worlds: “The contract says either a dollar per car or the payment of property taxes, whichever is greater,” said Bunch. He added that taxes on the group’s property amount to about $500.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll get more than 500 cars although I may have to go over and count them to make sure everyone’s on the up-and-up,” Bunch said with a laugh.

Bunch said that Nevada Highway Patrol and Nevada Department of Transportation restricted some highway access to the event. This put Bunch’s group in a good negotiating position because they own the only property with a gate that offers parking ingress and egress off the highway in that area.

“We’re not going to make a lot out of it, but at least we’ll get a stipend for the taxes and maybe a little more,” added Marlene Bunch.