Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch was contacted regarding a vehicle to vehicle collision on Armory Road near Constitution Way in Hawthorne on March 31 at 7:01 p.m.

Keith Garcia

When a Mineral County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at that location, they gathered the following information: The driver of a tan 2002 Audi car would not allow the driver of a blue 2008 Doge car to safely pass while out on U.S. Highway 95 north of Hawthorne.

When the two vehicles arrived near Safeway, the Dodge turned onto Armory Road, the Audi following suit.

The Dodge pulled over, with the Audi pulling next to them at which time words were exchanged.

The passenger of the Dodge got out of the car and continued to exchange words with the driver of the Audi.

The driver of the Audi went to drive away but then did a u-turn and accelerated back towards the passenger side of the Dodge, striking the passenger side of the Dodge and causing the passenger of that vehicle to flee out of the path of the Audi, for their safety.

The driver of the Audi was located and identified as Keith Garcia. Garcia was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a violation of NRS 200.471. He is being held at the Mineral County Detention Center on a bail of $125,000.

In a statement from Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Randy Adams explains, “This arrest was not necessary; this is a prime example of someone losing their self control for no good reason. If there is something happening out on the road that you feel shouldn’t be happening, don’t take it upon yourself to stop it. Call us and give us a chance to do our job, which is keeping everyone safe. When you take matters into your own hands, this is what can happen.”

At press time, Garcia was still detained in the detention center.

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