sea serpentCompletely sober and reliable residents of Hawthorne claim to have seen the gigantic sea serpent, which is said to live in the depths of Walker Lake. He is said to emerge every 100 years to public gaze, but this is not credited to over enthusiastic members of Hawthorne committees, because many local residents have heard serpent eyewitnesses make excited reports well within the past 100 plus years!

Some even say that the serpent will make his appearance during the annual Armed Forces Day event.

Residents of Walker Lake area advise tourists to carry marshmallows with them while picnicking or swimming at the lake; these can be tossed to the hungry monster to appease him while beating a retreat to the safest shore. If no sea dragons appear, tourists are advised to toast their marshmallows on the shore, although the odor is said to be “maddening to the big serpent.” A challenge to tourists and residents alike is that no one has yet been able to take a good quality photograph of Cecil the Walker Lake Sea Serpent, although the chronicles of the Independent-News are dotted with sketches reputedly made from eyewitness accounts.

What will happen to Cecil as the shores of Walker Lake continue to shrink? Has the Sea Serpent taken passage through the supposed tunnel to Pyramid Lake where he resides with a she-serpent?

Whether you see the big serpent this weekend or not, remember, Mineral County is full of stories and folklore. Including exciting ghost towns such as: Rawhide, Fletcher, Aurora and Bodie in California.

If you happen to catch a sighting of Cecil, pass on your story to the Independent-News. We would love to share it with others.