From the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago

  • As the school year comes to an end and final report cards are being filled out, faculty at the elementary school came up with the idea of making one of the final days of the year fun and also educational.
  • Cars packed the parking lot,shoppers filled the isles and the checkout lines were 10 people deep throughout the weekend for the grand opening of the new Family Dollar Store in Hawthorne.
  • The Mineral County Deputy’s Association invited all those running for county commissioner to sit down for a round table discussion on Public Safety.

20 Years Ago

  • U. S. Senator John Ensign was in Hawthorne Tuesday, May 28 to make his first official visit to the Hawthorne Army Depot.
  • Viola Treharne, a longtime resident of Hawthorne was presented a special gift on her 92nd birthday from the children. The special gift was a beautiful waterfall.
  • 5th grade classes at Hawthorne Elementary School participated in the DARE graduation.

30 Years Ago

  • The 1992 racing season at the Hawthorne Speedway got off to a good start on Armed Forces Day with a good field of drivers and cars in all racing divisions. Some drivers were Maylen Gonzales, Floyd Griffin, Larry Wright, Steve McQueen, Larry Richards, and the Lady in Pink Beth Donahue (now Beth Cichowlaz).
  • Mineral County High School Building Trades Class, with their instructor John Fenison, completed their 18th Home in the Senior Housing Division on East Tenth Street in Hawthorne.

40 Years Ago

  • Candelaria Partners announced the phase countdown for the Candelaria Mine. The low price silver was given as the reason for the indefinite closure of the mine which employed around 100 persons.
  • The local swimming pool was vandalized with broken beer bottles and equipment being tossed into the pool. The pool manager hoped that they would be able to open on schedule. Jason Hardebeck was honored for scoring the best paper in a high school mathematics competition
  • and David Chase was named as national award winner in the band.

50 Years Ago

  • The swimming pool heater fun was up to $2,410 and the new heater was to be ordered soon.
  • Hawthorne and Navy power was interrupted for about three hours during an electrical storm.
  • Under a comparatively new Nevada law, Mineral County had its first trial with an eight member jury instead of 12.

60 Years Ago

  • A plane crash 25 miles south of Hawthorne claimed the life of a Northridge, California man.
  • The Serpents ended the 1962 baseball season with a 10 win season to take the Northern A title.
  • Vandals ransacked the Naval Ammunition Depot laundry facility and some of the garments taken from the cleaners had been snagged by fishermen and dragged to the shores of Walker Lake.
  • Owners of television sets in Hawthorne/ Babbitt and in Mina/ Luning were advised that they would soon be receiving their assessment bill in Mount of $12.
  • One hundred thirty 8th graders and 77 high school seniors receive their diplomas in Mineral County.

70 Years Ago

  • Hawthorne grade school graduated 102 students and 38 members of the senior class at Mineral County High School received diplomas.
  • Two young men were captured at Schurz after stealing wheels from a car of a Hawthorne resident who had gone fishing with his family at Walker Lake.
  • Bids were being accepted by the ammunition depot for the cutting of 20 Acres of alfalfa hay from the Babbitt area.

80 Years Ago

  • Following recent fires in the Hawthorne business district several local residents were fined $5 each for violations of the fire ordinance and others were fined $25 for having their trailers too close together. The town governing board also issued a call for bids for fire equipment following the rash of fires.
  • Mineral County registrants leaving Hawthorne town to enter the U.S. Army were Wade West, Tommy O’ Leary, Dan Elkins and Alvin Fulton.
  • Liquor establishment in Mineral County went under voluntary curfew – 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. weekdays, 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturdays.
  • W.C.West of Hawthorne was named 4th District Commander of the American Legion.
  • Mineral County High School tied for sixth place in the Nevada State track Meet. Scoring points were Don Gruwell and Dick Taylor.

90 Years Ago

  • Thirty Seven days after Arthur Parr, 60, and Oscar Johnson 35, drowned in Walker Lake, Parr’s body was recovered on the east side of the lake when it washed ashore about 20 feet from where the two men had launched their motor boat loaded with fish April 22.
  • Hawthorne Veterans of Foreign Wars erected a fence at the grave of William “Badger Bill” LaRue, a Civil war veteran who was buried ten miles south of Hawthorne in 1900. He died while walking from Soadaville to Hawthorne when he was believed to be 79 to 75 years old.