From the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago

  • Hawthorne artist Clay Weatherfield is currently shooting a new short film called “Fear Itself” for his production company Blazing Moon.
  • With a $1,574,000 loan from the USDA Rural Development, Hawthorne Utilities is in the process of having water and sewer lines replaced in Hawthorne.

20 Years Ago

  • V&S Variety Store has now added Radio Shack, giving the businesses a big selection of electronic products. Dick Groy, owner of the Hawthorne V&S Variety Store stated that additional products are continually arriving.
  • Mineral County High School students went on a field to Walker Lake on Thursday, March 14 to watch the plant of Cutthroat Trout into the lake. Following bathe planting, the students went to the hatchery in Yerington to see the fish as they grew from fingerlings up to planting size.

30 Years Ago

  • Homestake Mining Company International Corona Corporation announced that a merger between the two companies was to take place. Corona, a Canadian-based international mining company, was the sole owner of the Santa Fe Mine just north of Luning in Mineral County.

40 Years Ago

  • A meeting held by the Mineral County Board of School Trustees reversed an earlier decision to abolish the vice principal position at the high school.
  • Mineral County Commissioners held a meeting in Mina to allow residents of Luning and Mina to participate in the first reading of drafts of the proposed amendments to the Luning and Mina Town water system ordinance. New water rates for these areas were also not reviewed and discussed.
  • Chaz Foster and Jerry Schwartz of Schurz each received trophies for their boxing performance at the Mighty Mites invitational in Reno. The two 50 pound boys had competed against each other four times and each boy had two bouts each. A rematch was being planned.

50 Years Ago

  • Robert Rupracht Sr. Was elected as chairman of the Republican Central Committee for Mineral County.
  • Election Board workers received a raise to meet minimum wage requirements. Workers were to receive $1.60 per hour for the eight hours and $2.40 for additional hours worked over eight.
  • Mineral County Classroom Teachers Association made a request to Governor Mike O’Callaghan to provide for binding arbitration between the association and the Mineral County School District.
  • Discount cigarettes were being sold at the Walker River Smoke Shop in Schurz for $2.70 per carton.

60 Years Ago

  • The Federal Communications Commission approved the transfer of rebroadcast licenses from the Mount Grant Television Boosters Service,Inc. to Mineral Television District. Members of the television board included Chairman Allen Conelly Frank Hammock and William McDonald.
  • Roger Wayne Kreimeyer, a 1956 graduate of Mineral County High School was serving as president of the Chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Lincoln Hall Association at the University of Nevada in Reno.

70 Years Ago

  • James H. Clark was named director of Hawthorne rent control area.
  • Sterling Builders of Reno Beas certified by the Federal Housing Administration to proceed with the 150 housing units in Hawthorne.

80 Years Ago

  • Fernley downed the Serpents 29- 22 and thwarted the chances of Hawthorne winning another Western B Conference Championship.
  • Major Reese Skinner relieved Major Charley Dunbeck as commanding Officer at the Marine Barracks NAD.

90 Years Ago

  • Selected to serve on a Grand Jury by Judge J. Emmett Walsh were Edna McKeough, Marguerite Connors, Alta Barker, S. T. Kelsey, James Hicks, A. B. Van Valin, John Benedict, T.R. Pledge, Eugene Ferretti, John Engblom, all of Hawthorne; M. C. Sinnott, Betty Harrington, Harry Springer, of Mina; Perry Morgan, Wichman, Joe Kelly, of Rawhide: James Pennman, Schurz; and Tom William, Sweetwater.
  • Rt. Rev. Thomas Jenkins, the Episcopal Bishop of Nevada, conducted services at St. Philip’s in the Desert church in Hawthorne.
  • Bud Rider robbed the Reno National Bank of $600 at gunpoint and was arrested an hour later by Detective Roy Geach at the Santa Fe Hotel in Reno. When apprehended he had only $400.