Fro the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago

• A group of dogs will be enjoying a great Christmas this year, after being found cold and abandoned in the desert.

• The Mineral County Tax Roll, listing the property valuations for tax assessment purposes for the taxable year of 2012 to 2013 has been completed by the County Assessor Dorothy Fowler and her staff and is published in today’s issue.

20 Years Ago

• Mineral County High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges for the academic year, 2001-2002. It was first approved in 1939 by the association.

• Matthew Koscinski received a special award from the Hawthorne Elks Lodge for his achievement in reaching Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

• Vandals have struck for the second time, destroying an ornament tree on E Street in Hawthorne.

30 Years Ago

• Louis Dellamonica of Hawthorne received the Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award at ceremonies at the Army Depot for his 50 years of faithful service at the Hawthorne Ammunition depot. Louis served as the supervising Individual Engineer.

• The eleventh annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Hawthorne Army Ammonium Plant was held with Jerry Lamason, Plant Manager and Lt. Col. O. B. McCane, Commanding Officer of HWAAP flipping the switch to light the tree. The MCHS choir sang several Christmas carols.

40 Years Ago

• A new pulmonary function machine and monitor was purchased by Mount Grant General Hospital to help the respiratory therapy department provide service to their patients.

• The Mineral County High School Honor Society sponsored a “snowball” and queen contest. Candidates were; Sue Smith, Laurie Wallis, Debbie Bruner, Maaike Rinalda, Vicky Blancey, Carrie Kirtley, and Robin Hambrick.

• The Junior Varsity Rocket basketball team played Carson Valley Middle School and defeated them 28-15.

50 Years Ago

• Terri Craft was the winner of the local VFW who is a Democrat Contest at Mineral County High School.

• The Serpents won their initial conference basketball game here with an impressive 70-44 win over visiting Yerington Lions.

60 Years Ago

• Ground was broken for the new Library in Hawthorne.

• Stuart and Kathryn Mayfield acquired full interest in the Hawthorne Funeral Home.

• Uncle Vane Day told of the stranger who ambled into the farmyard and was greeted by the farmer. The visitor produced his card and remarked: “I am The government inspector and I am entitled to inspect your farm.” Half an hour later the farmer heard screaming coming from the alfalfa patch with the inspector being chased by a big bull. Leaning over the gate as the inspector drew near the farmer cried,”Show him your card…show him your card.”

70 Years Ago

• Hawthorne was designated as a critical housing area.

• The Mineral County High School girls basketball team opened the season at Smith Valley, losing 34-21. Team members included Marge Galvin, Nancy Radar, Geraldine Bobb, Peggy Gibbon, Shirley Odem, Virginia Bowden, Loretta Frost, Jean Best, June Lightfoot and Norma Reeves.

80 Years Ago

• An office was set up at the county courthouse to register all civilians willing to volunteer services for the Civil Defense, Red Cross and promote the sale of war bonds and defense stamps.

• Handley Hospital in Fallon offered service to Hawthorne residents, day or night. Phone number was 198W.

• The Serpents defeated Virginia City 29-21 while the MCHS girls defeated the Fallon girls for the third time in ten years, 32-27.

90 Years Ago

• Although the county tax rate was lower than in 1930, more taxes were paid in Mineral County during the first ten months of 1931 with more than $70,000 collected by county treasurer D. M. Buckingham. The John Franklin Shain Post No. 2313 Veterans of Foreign Wars was formally chartered in Hawthorne.

• The Golden Key Drug Store held a big Christmas sale and among items offered were GE, Philco and Columbia radios with some prices as low as $25 to $75. Free testing of radio tubes was offered.

• Jimmy Grouse and James McMillan suspended operation of their mine near the top of Mt. Grant for the winter. Several tons of ore valued at $40 to $50 a ton were shipped to the smelter.