Dear Editor,

As I was heading home last week driving north toward Walker Lake at the posted 45 mph, an empty flatbed 18 wheeler overtook and passed me at a high rate of speed. As we passed the businesses of Woody’s auto and the packed vehicle yard, I decided to speed up to check how fast this truck was going. When I hit 60 and creeping up toward the 70 mph on the GPS/odometer. Deciding that with my luck, I would probably be the one pulled over if caught by highway patrol or local Hawthorne sheriff deputy.

After retiring 9 years ago I was watching a news brief where a young lady from the state to the west of us was being asked about the traffic issues today, where she stated, “we all know that the speed limit posted were merely a suggestion, that the actual speed limit is as much as 10-15 miles per hour over the posted limits!”

I couldn’t stop laughing as I was taught that the posted speed limits were the LAW! Well it seems that I was off about 180 degrees as now whenever I drive into town, slowing to the posted 45 mph, I get passed by nearly all driving into town. One question, do we still have enforceable speed limits on our Nevada highways or are we now driving in a free for all rush? Not to mention the times I’ve had to pull over to a stop hoping the traffic coming toward me on the solid double lined highway portion, illegally passing slower traffic will be able to pull back into their proper lane avoiding a head-on collision.

Rant fini.


Lawrence Worthen
Walker Lake