Dear Editor,

In that article they did on me a few issues ago, I mentioned my black church. I joined in Portland, Ore., which is a very straight up church that assisted me in coping in my P.T.S.D. which I will have for life. But what I would like to caution people like the ones who survived that massacre in Las Vegas, is beware of false prophets and especially religious cults. They prey on people with inside hurts, just to get their life savings, they won’t separate families and they encourage families to go to church together. We don’t beat the devil out of our children, we allow God into their lives. My church even though all black will admit they are false prophets, amongst them. They come in all races and offer miracle cures for inner hurts, all the while with alterior motives. A lot of people are easily led by these fakers. Beware. Look out for counselors as well. Kenneth Bianchi the L.A. Strangler serial killer got some fake documents, opened up an office, offering counseling, did a thriving business in the state of Washington. Some counselors con women who have been raped into the back office saying, “Let’s take off our clothes and re-enact the scene.” There are a lot of good counselors out there just beware of fakes.

Jon T. Johnson


Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that children and/or adults are going door to door trying to collect money for the Care & Share/Senior Center.  Please warn the public that this is a fraudulent scam. We do not go door to door soliciting for donations.


Cherrie George

Mineral County Senior Services