Courtesy photo
Tami Bunch (left) and Dolores Gallegos begin the task of sorting the generous gifts given to the Toys for Tots program in Mineral County.

Mineral County residents generously gave to those in need this holiday season. The Toys for Tots drive, spearheaded by Tami Bunch here in Hawthorne saw boxes full of donated items.

The work put into this program does not begin in December when people begin to get into the holiday spirit. The effort starts at the beginning of the year by attending meetings, preparing boxes and meeting with other organizations to help impact those most in need.

The thought of children having gifts to open under the tree each year is what the Toys for Tots Program help to strive for. Started in 1947, just two years after the end of World War II, it was the vision of Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks. His wife, Diane, had handcrafted a “Raggedy Ann” doll and wanted to pay it forward. Bill was unable to find any agency to deliver the doll to a needy child at Christmas.

With the urging of Diane, Bill met with other Marine Corps Reservists and collected 5,000 toys that they distributed to needy children that Christmas Day. In doing so, they formed the Toys for Tots Program.

Toys for Tots works with agencies such as CAHS to make sure that donations and gifts are not duplicated and that those who receive the generous gifts are truly in need.

To add Toys for Tots to your donation list or if you would like to volunteer to help with this program, please contact Bunch at 775-443-7387.