By Dave Maxwell


The holiday season is topsy-turvy this year. And so it will be with the annual Mineral County Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and parade.   

Tamara Bunch, activities director with the local Lions Club, said due to the COVID restrictions, they will not be able to do the things that have normally been done to lift and promote the community and the spirit of Christmas in Hawthorne.   

“It will probably be just decorating around Veteran’s Park. With the pandemic, no one wants to expose people,” she said. It might be done this Friday evening, but admitted she had not heard if it was to be postponed or canceled this year.  

“Usually there’s a tree across the street from the park that we use for a Christmas tree lighting, but someone ran over it and we haven’t been able to replace it yet. We just put a fake tree up in the park.”  

She reminisced about what has been done in Hawthorne in the past. 

“We usually have upwards of 400 people show up, and that’s just not possible this year.”  

“What we have done in the past is get the whole community involved, some do booths down there, the Lions Club does hot chocolate, cookies, the fire department makes chili, a couple of the beauty salons have something, some places sell hot dogs, do Nachos, hot apple cider, booths to make tree ornaments for the kids, etc. The whole town is invited and it has grown over the years to where everybody gets into a large community-wide Christmas atmosphere and live music playing, too.”  

Also, the past 18 years past Mineral County High School has been able to host the pre-season Serpent Classic basketball tournament this weekend, but that has also been canceled  

She said sadly, “We can’t do any of these things this year because we would have too many people. Santa Claus comes on a fire truck for the children, sits down and passes out candy canes and asks the kids all line up and are asked what they want for Christmas. But not this year.”  

She added this year some of the planters on Main Street have been placed with cactus’ and wasn’t sure if and or how people might want to decorate a cactus?  “I did give some decorations, but we’ll see. Maybe we’ll be able to resume some sort of normal life next year.”