Hillary Clinton campaign workers discuss the presidential candidates stance on issues and ideas in Schurz Aug. 17.

Hillary Clinton campaign workers discuss the presidential candidates stance on issues and ideas in Schurz Aug. 17.

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“Ready for Hillary” campaign workers visited  Hawthorne and Schurz on Monday, Aug. 17. The young people are traveling Nevada, promoting Hillary’s presidential candidacy, explaining her stance on various issues, and establishing a grassroots advocacy framework, prior to the 2016 elections.

Hawthorne’s meeting took place at Maggie’s Restaurant. During the noon assembly, voters concerns were discussed: better care for veterans, a single-payer health care system, getting rid of the ‘Citizen’s United’ Supreme Court decision, stemming the flow of American jobs to foreign countries, raising  the minimum wage, the need of a law to prevent former congressmen  immediately taking high-paying lobbyist jobs after their government terms, term limits, and many other subjects were considered. Present at the assembly were Hawthorne residents, Amanda Petersen, Kendall Harris, Chad Harris, Leatha Barcellos, Susan Morrow, and Virginia Dumas.

The next gathering was at the Walker Lake Paiute Community Center in Schurz.

Bobbie Sanchez, Tribal Chairman, introduced the itinerant speakers, consisting of  Jaynie Parrish, ‘Hillary for America’ Northern Nevada Field Organizer, Brianna Martinez, ‘Hillary for Nevada’ Fellow, Eric Taylor, Regional Director ‘Hillary for America’ campaign, and Emily Shultheis of ‘The National Journal’.

Discussion commenced as Jaynie Parish, of the Dine (Navajo) tribe, spoke of her childhood on an isolated Arizona reservation. Following introductions, Marlene Begay, Tribal Councilwoman, deplored the lack of tribal politicians representing native issues at the state and federal level, asserting that local political jurisdiction is needed.

Elveda Martinez, long-experienced in registering and rallying tribal Democrats, expressed dismay at voter suppression attempts  via recent ‘voter identification’ laws. She also felt that-considering the numerical clout Native American Democrats wield in Mineral County-the tribe needs a political representative from Schurz. Myron Dewey would also like to see a Nevada tribal member in Washington, D.C. He spoke of the destruction of traditional Paiute food sources-the diminishment of Walker Lake, its ongoing and extensive algae buildup, the annoyance of the nearby bombing range, an unwanted military presence on the reservation.

Following the open forum exchange of ideas Eric Taylor asserted that in the upcoming Nevada Caucus, many of these struggles can be addressed.