By Dave Maxwell 


County Commissioners approved the hire of former commission member Jerrie Tipton to a one-year contract as the new county building inspector.

Board member Garth Price said Tipton left the board at the last election due to the 12-year term limits.

“Being a commissioner for that long she has seen what the building inspector’s job entails and knows the ordinances and laws on nuisance complaints, etc.” Price said.Chairman Chris Hegg abstained from voting because he and Tipton are business associates. Price said Hegg also abstained from any of the interviews with Tipton and the final decision. 

“We signed her to a one-year contract,” said Price, “but it will be revisited each year.”

Building inspectors typically review plans to ensure building codes, local ordinances, local regulations and contract specifications are met, and issue or deny building permits, and deal with enforcing nuisance complaints. Also included are approving building plans that are satisfactory and monitoring construction sites periodically to ensure overall compliance.