By Dave Maxwell 


The Nevada Department of Transportation reports they have substantially completed a project to enhance more than 40 aging or damaged roadway drainage pipes on U.S. 95 and State Route 359 near Hawthorne. 

In a written statement, Public Information officer Meg Ragonese said since July drivers had seen periodic lane and shoulder closures on the highways, including Pole Line road, southwest of Hawthorne.  

“The lane closures are substantially complete,” she said, “with only two days of roadway shoulder work to occur in early October for roadway signage work. Twenty-one new or replacement drainage pipes were installed, with the new pipes being larger in size for more efficient roadway drainage.” 

In addition she noted, “20 other pipes were also reinforced with a flexible pipe liner which, when hardened, creates a durable pipe able to last decades. The reinforcing pipe liners are often more cost-effective and less disruptive than traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods.” 

The approximately $4 million project by contractor Q&D Construction, Inc. is part of NDOT’s program of renovating and replacing older culverts and bridges to help ensure the safety of the motoring public. 

In an interview with the Independent-News, Ragonese said the project “not only represents improvements to the drain system but really represents how we programmatically work to keep drivers safe and connected, whether by drainage repair such as this, or smoother highway paving or even additional lanes if needed. In this case, storm water management and roadside drainage is something that we take very seriously.”

Ragonese gave a Thank You to local motorists understanding. “We know that travel delays aren’t always convenient, but it really does help promote a safer transportation network for all of us.”

State road updates are available at or by calling (775) 888-7000.