Heidi Bunch
The Western Pyrotechnic Association tested fireworks over a three-day stretch at their convention last week in Hawthorne.

The night skies of Mineral County were lit up, once again, as Western Pyrotechnic Association came to Hawthorne to share their fireworks designs at their annual “DO IT” convention held at the old Hawthorne Speedway.

This group, made up of members from all over the country, gather together to build and design fireworks right on site. They wait until the Nevada sky goes dark to begin setting their works off. Some designs go off as beautiful lights in the sky, others dud out – and the designer goes back to the drawing board the next day to rebuild and retest.

This organization has been coming to Hawthorne for the last six years, noting that the turnout of locals and help from volunteer organization, Mineral County Search and Rescue who secure the perimeter so that this event can be staged.

Not as many residents sat outside their vehicles alongside the roadways watching the fireworks, due to the cold weather, but instead sat inside their vehicles watching the show. Cars could be found parked in town facing the track, also watching the show.

The grand finale of this show ends on Saturday night with a large show of all leftover fireworks shot off. This event comes each year to Hawthorne, helping out local businesses and delighting frightening some residents.