Courtesy photo
Walker River Tribal Chairman Amber Torres prepares herself to participate in the Drunk Buster Program sponsored by Walker River Tribal Police at this year’s Pinenut Festival.

One of the community activities the Walker River Police Explorers are involved in is the Drunk Busters Alcohol Awareness Program. Those wishing to participate in the program sign in and receive a Drunk Buster Sticker followed by an Explorer administering two of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests used by police officers in DUI investigations.

First, the one leg stand and then the walk and turn test without goggles and then again with one of a variety of goggles which create the sensation of being impaired by alcohol or drugs. There are six levels of goggles to choose from which range from .06 to .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) up to .26 to .35 BAC plus goggles for marijuana and another for drugs. The Explorers set up a course using traffic cones and the participant then attempts to use a peddle cart to negotiate the course wearing goggles without hitting any of the cones.

The purpose is to show youth and young adults the dangers of impaired driving. Therefore when they see someone drinking or who had been drinking they know the danger and will ask the person not to drive or tell an adult. On Friday night prior to the talent show, there were 19 participants who signed up and on Saturday at the Pinenut Festival, there were 35 individuals who participated, a very good turnout for the first time the Drunk Buster Program was used.

On Saturday the Explorers also assisted the elderly and those with impairments by helping them get a plate of food and carrying it to their table. They were also involved in setting up for the community free luncheon and in serving the food. The weekend was a great success for everyone and we look forward to next year.