Dear Editor,

Wow. Being a Republican most of my life I can’t believe what the Republican Congress has done and is still doing. No witnesses, no documents and pressure on republican congressmen that could almost be considered a death threat. It is political death if they vote against the President. The impeachment vote on Wednesday will be another threat to Republicans and I’m sure they will all take the bait and vote to acquit. 75 percent of the American public wanted witnesses and documents and as we can all see the Republicans don’t care what the people want.

I have asked lots of voters why they support this President and the only answer I get is he is making them money. In more than half the people this is highly unlikely and probably won’t last long. No one has answered that this President is a moral President after having almost 20 women accuse him of sexual misconduct. No one has answered that this President is a honest President after having told over 16,000 lies. No one has said this President cares about the environment as he removes protections that will soon poison all the American people and have a negative effect on the worlds environment No one has said this is a kind President as he treats all people with disrespect, including our foreign leaders that are our allies. No one has said this President is good with foreign affairs as he pulls out of all agreements that Obama made. He says bad agreement. Most people say because he is a racist and he accepts no one but white people and won’t be out done by a black man. No one has said this President cares about health care as he tries to get rid of the ACA which helps millions. No one says this President can make trade deals as they fall apart and cost Americans billions. No one has said because he can build a wall on the Mexican border, not there yet.

I guess after all of this and so much more there is no good answer for Republican voters or Congressmen unless you are very rich and care nothing about the rest of the people. Even people who swear they are Christians are supporting this President, Why? As you can tell because of his ego, his lack of morals and his lies it is easy for me to say, get him out before it is too late. I am a Vietnam Vet who did two tours as a grunt ( Purple Heart and Silver Star ) and in civilian life two robberies at gun point and was kidnapped. I know danger and this President is the most dangerous President we have ever had.

I know Hawthorne is a conservative town but I believe we truly need to hear from both sides with honesty.

Bud Twilling