Thank you,

On Sept.24, the Hawthorne Elementary School participated in a fund raiser for the children who are fighting cancer and the ones that have lost the fight. All the children were given an envelope to take home along with a letter explaining where all the funds will be going. It was the children’s choice if they wanted to go around town and collect money from the community. These Elementary school students went over and beyond and raised $1850, three times more than last year. In exchange they were allowed to wear their pajamas to school. What a great job Hawthorne Elementary school and a huge thank you to all the people who supported this cause.,

Stephanie Wright and Teresa McNally


Generous donation to CAHS

CAHS would like to acknowledge the generous donation of one of Mineral County High Schools alumni, Mr. Toby Montoya. Mr. Montoya donated more than 20 backpacks full of school supplies including extras. Thank you to Mr. Hamrey for driving them in and delivering. These backpacks are greatly appreciated and needed.