Dear Editor,

The following copy is a letter to the Director of the State Health Dept., Michael Willden, is intended to remind people that all actions have consequences. No action, or popular vote, locally or statewide, can change federal law.

If anyone in authority gives approval, or any kind of permission, to do something illegal, they are liable for the consequences.

When our employees in Cason City; or our representatives, state or county; authorize people to contravene federal law, are we responsible taxpayers, to pay claims when the inevitable accidents; negative reactions; or other damages result?

No representative; official; or employee, can circumvent the law, no matter how clever, or inventive, the linguistic gyrations. You can’t be just a little bit pregnant; or, sort-of-semi-legal. It is time for yes or no.

Has the FDA granted waivers to any state, to allow class-1 drugs to be dispensed outside of licensed pharmacies?

Tom Bergeron, Sr.



Dear Editor

This year, the Mineral County School District will not be hosting an 8th Grade Promotional ceremony. They have relinquished all responsibility and cost to the parents of the 8th Grade Class. As a parent of an 8th grader, I believe that it is important that our kids get this life changing opportunity to celebrate their hard work over the last eight years.

In order to held this event, the parents of the class need to get together to put on fundraisers to fund this event. I have already headed this project and would like the support of the rest of the parents with this project as I cannot do it alone. Please contact me, Mellisa Spriggs at 775-316-2375 or you may contact my sister, Allecia at 775-316-1882.

Mellisa Spriggs


Dear Editor,

Many thanks to the Mineral County Sportsman’s Club members that volunteered Saturday the 12th. Rob, the hedges look really great and girls, way to go.

Hope to see you again. And again to the credit union volunteers last May “13” for all of their hard work. There are plenty of bushes to be pruned, leaves to be raked and weeds to pull, this spring. All and any labor help is always appreciated. And again, Rob and crew, much thanks from our hearts.

Bill and Annie Getz