Community trainings, events and support services for people and families impacted by addiction and mental health are being organized in Hawthorne and will take place over the next several months.

Foundation for Recovery, a community nonprofit led by volunteers and staff in recovery from substance use disorder, is partnering with community members and organizations to host trainings, support groups, and one-on-one peer support for people seeking recovery from addiction. The first training will take place at the Mineral County Library on Jan. 25 and 26 with a focus on family and friends who’ve been impacted by addiction. The training prepares attendees to host their own family support groups in the community by using an evidence-based model, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). All attendees of the free two-day training will receive a workbook, hands-on practice, and join a cohort of other trainers across Nevada.

“The training itself is a healing experience for anyone who’s had a relative or loved one experiencing addiction. The training will lend skills to reclaim boundaries and better support our loved ones. We’ve hosted this training for other communities that have now started their own support groups with great feedback and attendance, “ said Sean O’Donnell, a person in recovery and director of communications at Foundation for Recovery.

Peer Recovery Support Services, individual coaching sessions with a trained person in recovery from addiction, will be offered starting later this month at the Mineral County Library. The peer recovery support specialist works directly with people in or seeking recovery and helps them reach their goals, find resources, make appointments, and acts as a mentor. Peer Recovery Support Specialists are used in a variety of settings from community centers to hospitals. Incorporating peer recovery support services has shown to significantly reduce substance use, recidivism rates, and hospital admissions.

“As a person in recovery from substance use disorder, working directly with someone who understands where I’m at in my life because they’ve been through similar situations makes a huge difference. It’s like having someone to advocate for me and my recovery and help me organize my life and reach my goals. We’re excited to be working with other community members to get this started in Hawthorne. Hopefully we can find organizations and healthcare agencies that would be willing to host a peer specialist within their organization,” said O’Donnell.

Hour long trainings on a variety of recovery-related topics will be held twice a month at the library. Foundation for Recovery is also planning to host the fourday Peer Recovery Support Specialist training in the near future, which will train anyone in recovery here in Hawthorne to work as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and prepares them for state certification.

Community members can find more information about upcoming trainings, events by contacting Foundation for Recovery directly at 702-461-9649, via email or visiting their Facebook page at https://www.