Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Dec. 18

Approval of Agenda

The commissioners removed item 20 from the agenda which was approving the deed restrictions placed on Lions Park as part of the requirements for the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant for the pump room remodel. District Attorney Sean Rowe asked that item 21 be heard after closed session.

Accounts Payable

Recorder-Auditor Cindy Nixon and deputy recorder-auditor Alicia Sweet presented the accounts payable vouchers, credit card approval form requests, capital outlay purchase orders and auditor’s cash report as agendized. The commissioners questioned Nixon about actual cash balance reports which at this time was still not available. Commissioner Christina Hoferer stated that the general fund was in the negative balance. As was Hawthorne Utilities, care and share and Mina utilities. Commissioner Garth Price asked “what’s the screw up.” Sweet stated that a technical for the new company should be generating a report and that hasn’t been done yet. Nixon explained that the budget is in the negative but her office was making a transfer from PILT. A capital outlay purchase order for the sheriff’s office was presented for the OCJA grant. Fire Chief Chris Lawrence explained a voucher for a course for his department.

Treasurer’s Report

Hoferer expressed her concerns over the new system and wondered if the treasurer’s office could “balance” their accounts. Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper stated that all is done within in the system. Nepper explained that his office and the recorder’s office still work closely in making sure that deposits balance correctly. Hoferer asked for a meeting with Tyler Technologies.


Nixon asked for review and possible action relative to annual budget instructions memorandum to county departments. No action was taken due to issues with the new software. The item was tabled until Jan. 15.


Boyles asked for action relative to raffling tickets for cords of firewood from the recent tree removal as a fundraiser for the Mineral County Library, Mineral County Park and Recreation and Mineral County Care and Share. Public Works Director Eric Hamrey stated there are six piles of wood and wonders if the funds can go back into the listed department’s budgets. The monies will be split threeways and was approved by the board.

Backup Server

Bret Towe, IT Technician asked to purchase a backup server for the new system. Hoferer asked if he budgeted the items. Towe was instructed to follow up with Tyler Technologies and DevNet to make sure items are being backed up appropriately. He was asked to bring the item back in March during budget times.

New Domain

Towe asked about adding and starting transition to a new domain for email and the website. The item was approved and Towe was asked to keep the board in the loop.

Airport Vacancy

The commissioners met to approve Cassie hall to fill the non-aviation related vacancy created by David Ellis’ resignation. The term will expire Dec. 31, 2020. Price made a motion to accept the recommendation. Motion carried.

Aviation Members

The commissioners also approved aviation members Woody Isom, Tony Tipton and LuVerne Watson for renewal of the positions. Motion carried.

Mina Town Board

Jeff Barrow, Chairman Mina Town Advisory Board submitted an agenda item requesting the interest Rita Crist, Paul Inlow and Gregory Wood to the Mina Town Advisory Board. Jeff Barrow did not send in a letter of interest.

Big Flag

Wade Barton asked for consideration and possible action relative to electrical needs/maintenance/upkeep/needed upgrades for lighting the “Big Flag” at Veterans Memorial Park. Barton explained he changed the bulbs at the park. Hamrey explained that the electrical box needs to be upgraded. Barton explained that he would rather see the flag flying 24/7 than just a pole being in the park. He also explained that the current flag is tattered and a new one is needed. Hamrey was advised to bring the item back in front of the board.


The item relative to Kimberly Burgess, partnership Specialist from the US Census Bureau to providing an overview of the 2020 Census and the importance of an accurate count for the community. Efforts are most successful when there is participation from community partners and grassroots organizations to help educate and motivate people to self-respond. Hoferer explained she had not had the opportunity to meet with Burgess and the item will be heard again on Jan. 15.

Grant Applications

Hoferer agendized an item for consideration and possible action relative to the board’s policy requiring “prior” approval to submit grant applications. She placed the item on the agenda after a meeting with the district attorney and public works after she was called to review an OHV grant item. She explained that the grant was not awarded but was not placed on the commissioners agenda. Hamrey explained that he gave the sheriff’s office the information but he was not the administrator of the grant. Rowe suggested that the board draft a requested to all county department heads to come in front of the board regarding grants and applications. Hoferer will draft a policy.


Hoferer made agendized an item regarding appointments to the Mineral County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). This item was reagendized for Jan. 15.

Closed Session

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute(NRS) 241.015(2)(b)(2) to receive information from legal counsel relative to potential or threatened litigation against Mineral County.

Open Session

The commissioners came back into open session and stated there was nothing to report.

Grease Traps

The item regarding approval of regulations by Hawthorne Utilities for implementing Mineral County Code Chapter 13.44 Grease Interceptors/Grit Traps was removed from the agenda and scheduled for the first meeting in February.


Hamrey asked for the commissioners to review and abate the sheriff’s office visitation room. The area is full of asbestos. The cost to abate the visitation area is over $6,000. Hamrey presented a quote from Advanced Installations, Inc. The commissioners explained they knew nothing about the project. Nixon asked if the area can stay sealed until budget time. Hoferer stated to charge to Hamrey’s budget and if it goes over, they will deal with it then.


Hamrey asked for the recognition of two public works employees for leadership and safety. A letter was read into record. Dustin Dean and Brian Munden were recognized. Hamrey also recognized Hillary Womack for helping him order the plaques. They were awarded $350 each out of the commissioner recognition fund.

Wildlife Fence

Hamrey asked for approval and signature for FAA grant application for wildlife fence installation project. A motion to accept was made and accepted.


The 1:30 p.m. item with Sheryl Gonzales from Western Nevada Development District for a comprehensive economic development strategy – 2020 rewrite update and request for Mineral County and projects was cancelled until February.