Dear Editor,

Wow! The utility department of Mineral County decided to punish the whole community of Walker Lake because one idiot couldn’t follow the rules. They put a mattress in with ‘household’ trash. For shame! I bet they would discontinue service to the whole city of Hawthorne if they caught someone putting an old can of paint into their trashcan. Don’t you think?

So I head to the dump with a load of household trash and some outside stuff on Thursday. There is a gentle breeze of maybe 5 mph at Walker Lake. I have to stop in Hawthorne for a minute where I encounter the same gentle breeze. On the dump road I see that the dump is closed. It is only 10:30 in the morning so I proceed to the dump with my trailer full of trash. The gate is closed and I feel the same gentle breeze. So I returned to town to complete some more business and asked why the dump was closed. “High winds!” was the answer.

High winds. I wonder what they will do when the winds get to 10 mph. I know I will never again take a load to the dump without first calling the utilities office. Meanwhile, the trash stacks up.

Charlie Morris
Walker Lake