Thank You,

I send a thank you to SOC and George Gram for all the effort they put into housing the students and help to feed them too. It was pretty incredible.

These students came from all over the United States.  They converged in Oregon and traveled throughout the western U.S. stopping at nonprofit organizations to help out.  They asked if they could help the Ray of Hope because they were traveling from Reno to Vegas then to Arizona.

It was pretty amazing to have 33 people in my garage all helping the critters by cleaning, petting, and learning what it is like to run a small Humane Society and nonprofit in a very small town in the middle of no-where which is most of the U.S.  They were very impressed and very appreciative to SOC, George Gram, and the Ray of Hope.  They talked about coming back this year (2015).

Yvonne Downs