Dear Editor,

I see in your Oct. 17, 2019 article that Nevada’s’ marijuana marketplace is rife with fraud and illegalities, discover by Governor Sherlock, oops, Governor Sisolak. Heavens to megratroid, what next? Was there really gambling in Casablanca?

The governor acknowledged that marijuana is illegal, but we have to make it “appear legitimate, because it is key to the states’ economy.” There you have it folks, he engages in knowing violation of Federal law, and is shocked to find out that criminal activity abounds. What could you expect from someone so detached from the fundamentals of American law, that he thinks people can vote locally, to change Federal law. Is Congress irrelevant? What about the Supreme Court? Aren’t civics taught in school anymore?

The statement, “key to our economy” means we are owned by the new American cannabis cartel. They bought the politicians and we the people are part of the deal, we now have no alternative, except to have the courage to fight. Scum-bag drug dealers, in thousand-dollar suits and two-hundred dollar shoes, will not own me. They are low-life trash, regardless of wrapping and they will not make your life better.

“Key to our economy” means that no demand can be refused, as you will soon see. You can’t really believe that criminal influences will be rooted out. Illegal sales to minors will continue, Manipulated lab results? Don’t kid yourself. Payoffs to gain licenses, you bet. It is an illegal enterprise at its core and cannot be made ethical.

As the Russians say, “The only cure for the hunchback is the grave.” If you are not fighting against this criminal enterprise, you are part of it. Explain that to your children.

Don’t expect any help from Mineral County School District System. They are silent, one hundred percent and cannot or will not explain why. At least they won’t have to give any more of those hypocritical lectures, on the evils of drugs.

People, please find the courage to fight this scourge, it is their future that is really important.

Tom Bergeron, Sr.