Dear Editor,

Charles Foster really needs your prayers right now. He saw his doctor today because he was in a lot of pain so they decided to do a CT scan to see what his cancer was doing. And they found out from the scans that his tumors are growing again and that his bone marrow transplant isn’t working so they are not doing the second transplant. They told him the only thing he could do now is a clinical trial that is already full but they’re going to try to see if they can’t get him a slot.

It’s not proven effective for his type of cancer but they said if he doesn’t get approved for the clinical trial that the only thing they could do for this was hit him with radiation to give him the longest life possible. As well as setting him up with hospice and in-home care. It was a major blow and he cried his eyes out as well as his grandpa. They asked questions about the clinical trial and they couldn’t really give them any answers which made him feel even worse because they didn’t even know if it’ll work or not or if anyone with his type of cancer has gone through the trial.

His dad is helping him stay in a good frame of mind by helping him find other treatments that could work for him or at least they could try. He found a treatment down in Mexico that has a 70 percent success rate and the people he talked to about it had really good things to say and they could actually answer questions that he had not like his doctor’s here at Huntsman.

Only thing is that his dad said it’s going to cost about $30,000 so if we don’t get the clinical trial here at Huntsman then hopefully the place in Mexico will let them make payments on that treatment because he right now that is the only treatment that may possibly work for him.

He still hasn’t given up and is remaining hopeful. Charles said he is too young to die and too young to stop fighting and if it comes to ti, he will keep fighting till he can’t fight no more.

Any help is appreciated.

Cresenthia Quick, Charles’ Aunt