Dear Editor,

Rebuttal to Walker Lake letter printed 9/5/19 Edition

I write this as an individual resident of Walker Lake and as one that is personally tired of receiving the bullying (internet postings) and acts of immature intimidation being dished out. As one should know, there will always be the “doers” and the “talkers”, of which I have a reputation of being one of the doers, while residing over five years in this county and township.

Every county has a legal obligation to adhere to their codes, ordinances and ultimately the State of Nevada Statues, which are in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of it’s overall, majority of residents. When those legal perimeters are not being properly enforced, a taxpaying citizen, such as myself, has the right to stand up and request that these legalities be reviewed, inspected and enforced. This applies to any state one lives in, so Nevada is not exempt from these standards. These vital concerns were validated earlier this year, when the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, the state’s bureau of water pollution control and the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health were brought in, because our own Mineral County leadership had failed to intervene, even when presented with continued, printed documentation on these blatant hazards for over a year. It was these state entities which deemed there were actual, documented risks and violations existing within our community, which can be reviewed in a printed, corrective action that was submitted to our county building inspector’s office and in copies personally handed to our county commissioners and our district attorney.

Now to address other concerns previously listed, which referred to “not supporting the previous advisory board”. For me personally, the Walker Lake board of 2018 had no accountability, no minutes, no agendas, no posting, no quorums most the time, no solid direction and several times there was no key to even access the community building. (Someone broke into the building, which was rather unsettling for an advisory board meeting.) Also, I was personally serving on the Mineral County School Board on the same evenings those meetings took place, so my husband had stated that he got tired of trying to support something that wasn’t acting professionally organized.

Next was a concern for “hunting signs” which has never been brought before this current board, but should you desire something to be on the agenda, it can be requested in writing and it will be properly addressed on the next posted agenda.

Also a concern about highway speeds has been researched, documented and presented at our advisory board meetings, and it was found that Mina and Luning meet the NDOT [Nevada Department of Transportation] requirements for a lowered speed limit as they have homes aligning those roadways and have a pedestrian consideration, as there is a crosswalk. Walker Lake does not have the same infrastructure and there are frontage setbacks here, keeping any homes from aligning up to the pavement of the highway. Also, last time “your group” pursued a lower speed limit and NDOT reviewed it, it actually was raised to 50 mph – it did not lower. Should you have other comments on this matter, I would suggest that you address this publicly at our advisory board meeting or go before the county commissioners at their meetings.

And let’s put all the rumors and gossip to sleep about Walker Lake and sewer systems. Had you been at the advisory board’s combined meeting of Aug. 4, 2019, with our general improvement district board and the two state entities in attendance, you would have heard them say multiple times that it was only an informational meeting, giving options of potential funding avenues, grants available and information toward the planning for improvements and addressing future sanitation concerns within this township. No decisions such as bringing in a “complete sewer system” could’ve been decided upon in one meeting, nor were there any actions made regarding this within that meeting. Should anyone be questioning the facts of this presentation or wanting to gain an understanding based upon the truths, you can request the minutes of that meeting which are available upon written request and they have also been registered at the county offices with Chris Nepper, as are all of the WWLAB [West Walker Lake Advisory Board] minutes.

Trash cans “matching” is not an advisory board issue but trash service was discussed and dealt with through the GID [general improvement district] meeting on Sept. 3 and within the county commissioners meeting on Sept. 4. Should you be concerned about these details, I would direct you there. Any previous information regarding the recent trash service interruption, was posted everywhere as a courtesy to each Walker Lake resident by the WWLAB. We wished to give a uniformed direction that was validated and brought to us by Larry Grant at Hawthorne Utilities. We trust it was beneficial information.

The newly placed “bus stop” is also a county issue and was not brought forth in any manner to the advisory board. The concerns and opinions you have regarding the placement of this structure should be brought before the county commissioners.

On a personal note, I am the one board member that does have a lowered 10 mph, speed limit sign on our dirt road, so let me clarify this point too. This was achieved by a neighbor around 2007, long before my residency in this township. The widow of this man informed me that he fought long and hard for this risk to be dealt with and just so you know, he died in 2010.

And so, when you retire in a community that has a continued, undone deterioration, unenforced laws and it presents potential risk factors that negatively affect others and you don’t stand up against that, one would wonder if it truly is the right fit for an investment or any investor looking to better an area. There are residents living here which have the desire and the motivation to improve on what is right, what is hoped for and the enforcement of what has been legally put forth since the 1960’s for this township.

Change may not be easy, but many that live here want the value of their last investments to prosper and not move toward a ghost town existence. And that sir has nothing to do with California or any other state someone moves here from. My own emphasis is on “moved from” which should give you the correct indication that this was a choice we made to live here. No one deserves to be bullied by insinuations, threats or name calling any longer, including me. You must know what you will stand for, to know what you will fall for. I am standing without any apology.

Sheri Samson
Walker Lake