20 Years Ago – A presentation ceremony was held in the Media Center of building 1 of the Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD) to commemorate the completion of the destruction and recycling of the M687 155mm binary chemical projectiles containing the M21 OPA canister.

10 Years Ago:

  • Louis Dellamonica, a longtime resident of Hawthorne, was honored when he was awarded the medal and certificate of being inducted in the “United States Army Ordnance Hall of Fame.”
  • Ray Montoya was presented with the first Louis Dellamonica Award for Outstanding Army Materiel Command Personnel of the Year for 2007 (formerly the Ordnance Top 10 Award). Montoya was an ordnance management specialist at the Hawthorne Army Depot and had worked at the depot for 45 years, 42 of them with the Navy and Army.

20 Years Ago:

  • Nevada’s sixteen athletes who participated in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Raleigh, N.C. came home sporting 24 medals. Nevada delegates left the summer games with eight gold medals, 12 silver medals, and four bronze medals and lots of ribbons. Billy Greenwood of Hawthorne won two gold medals and one silver medal. Greenwood won the 10,000 and 1,500 meters posting incredible times of 41:14 and 5:10 respectively. He placed second in the 5,000 meters by running an 18:42.

30 Years Ago:

  • Mineral County Commissioners and Sheriff John Madraso, Jr., participated in an extended, and sometimes heated, discussion over the issue of overtime paid to employees in the sheriff’s office in the prior fiscal year. Commission Chairman Allen Conelly had described the amount as “inordinate” and said he took responsibility for placing the item on the agenda for the meeting after the issue had been raised at the previous board meeting.
  • A Hawthorne man suffered gunshot wounds when another Hawthorne resident allegedly fired a shot at a pointblank range, and a second man, a resident of Lee Vining, Calif. also suffered a wound that authorities said might have been caused by a bullet that ricocheted. Matt Elder, 19, of Hawthorne, was struck in the chest and may have suffered some internal injury while Jerry Logan, 59, of Lee Vining, suffered a leg wound. Both men were given emergency care at Mt. Grant Hospital then taken to Reno by Careflight. Christopher Holmes, 38, of Hawthorne was taken into custody shortly after the shooting and it had been stated that he would face two charges of attempted murder, battery with intent to kill, battery with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon.

40 Years Ago:

  • The El Capitan was serving Sunday Brunch – “All you can eat” for $2.95 and daily buffets – “All you can eat” for $3.45.
  • Mineral County likely would join other counties in the state in the use of punch card voting at all elections, replacing the traditional paper ballot system that has been used at all previous elections.

50 Years Ago:

  • Giuseppe (Joe) Viani, long-time Hawthorne civic leader and veteran assemblyman from Mineral County, died following a long illness. He had undergone a series of operations for cancer and only two weeks ago had returned from Reno where he had been hospitalized.
  • Collapse of landing gear caused considerable damage to a twin-engine airplane making a landing at the Hawthorne Airport but the pilot and four passengers walked away from the plane uninjured.

60 Years Ago:

  • The Mineral County chapter of The National Foundation had announced that its treasury was empty; creating a critical polio emergency which threatens continued assistance to a number of long-term polio patients. Arthur Turner, chapter chairman said that the chapter’s funds had been depleted because of “the burden of polio from previous years.”
  • Mineral County had been sharing in the hot spell that had blanketed the West the prior two weeks. An “attempted break” of the heat wave was noted when a thunder and lightning storm produced some rain north of Hawthorne and a light sprinkling in town. However, the storm also caused fluctuations in local power service and lightning was blamed for starting two brush fires near the California state line southwest of Hawthorne.

70 Years Ago:

  • Reversing a decision handed down in the district court a year prior by Judge Taylor Wines of Elko, the state Supreme Court rendered an opinion favoring the plaintiff in the civil action of Esmeralda Water Company verses Mackley and Hammock. The suit involved title to mining property and mill tailings at the old camp of Candeleria and held interest throughout the entire state because of the technical points of mining law to be considered.
  • Record crowd expected at Lake Regatta according to a report from the regular meeting of the Hawthorne Lions Club. The third annual Walker Lake regatta that was to be held on Aug. 7 was expected to attract as many or more racers than were entered in the local race the year prior and the club was expecting a record attendance.

80 Years Ago:

  • Slight damage resulted from a fire which was quickly brought under control although for a time it threatened the Hawthorne Pool Room building. A rubbish fire at the rear of the building spread the blaze to the north outer wall and roof of a storeroom at the rear of the saloon building. A small garden hose was played on the fire by Bill Wolfe and served to check the spread of the blaze.
  • Jack McCann, old-time resident of Mina, went on trial in the district court on a charge of furnishing liquor to a minor. McCann was arrested at Mina by Deputy Sheriff E.S. Perry who charged him with giving a bottle of liquor to a fourteen-year-old boy.

90 Years Ago:

  • Burning a ship to get a laugh and staging a wreck at sea all for the sake of hilarity, were some of the lengths to which Buster Keaton went to make audiences roar, in his new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer starring vehicle, “Spite Marriage,” which would be at the Hawthorne Theater.
  • The completion of the Southern Pacific lines between Fernley and Portland was now an assured fact and through train service would start on Aug. 1, said the Mason Valley News.
  • Judge E. Carter Edward’s new Ford sedan was in the Brown-Parker garage for repairs after being badly wrecked when the judge had the misfortune to drive it off the road south of Goldfield, said the Goldfield Tribune. After leaving the road the car ran into rocks and was considerably damaged.