Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing such a wonderful reflection of an older graduation class that remained a part of the Hawthorne historical memories. What struck me the most, as a new resident to this area, was the vibrancy that once lived within this community. Even acclimating into this town, and with the neighboring Walker Lake residents, it is so apparent that an underlining wistfulness of “days gone by” is residing in the hearts of the majority.

As we moved in, a kind neighbor explained that if I was to plant anything out here, I would need to bring in new soil. The soil here had become hard, rocky and dried out. New soil would provide the anticipation of growth that I was seeking on the barren land we moved to. I overcame the weeds and other obstacles, to bring in that new soil so I not only enjoyed a fruitful harvest, but I also see the vibrancy of color and excitement that is having a ripple effect.

What the job landscape is barren, it brings about depression, deterioration of self-worth and the loss of pride that comes with providing for a family. Family roots are shaken, frustration and guilt lies in the forefront of a man’s mind. Talents and hardworking abilities are wasted and time presents no promise of accomplishments in the future here.

May I suggest that new soil, new job opportunities and the chance of harvesting the minds and muscle available in this area is better than exercising one’s lungs with excessive talk. To bring hope of jobs to our young people, and light up the joy and determination of entrepreneurs would be good soil. Forging new ground to get the seed planted can be difficult, but it is well worth the energy. For this community, it would be better to bend, than to break further. I am praying for opportunities to come forth and bloom here.

Sheri Samson

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

People have been saying right from the beginning that the Chicken Farm would never happen in Mineral County!

Some are accusing the Commissioners of intentionally keeping it away and others claim the Commissioners are actually attempting to get er done.

Ironically both sides are correct! The Commissioners do not discourage businesses in Mineral County (But then again Commissioner Cliff what’s his name did vote against the Truck Stop). What does happen is that for years now the Commissioners follow the more progressive paths as California does for their laws, rules and regulations.

People wanting to create businesses and industry in small rural areas predominately pick an area for their affordability and lack of overreaching government control (Not pretty retirement homes), instead of more population and easy access to supplies and distribution.

By the very nature of Mineral County’s more citified regulations similar to Californicate, it throws us in direct competition with the areas that have a much greater population base for employees and a much easier access to supplies and distribution. That is not a very good incentive for Companies to desire to continue jumping through all the hoops that these Commissioners, Planning Commission, County Building Inspector, County Fire Marshal etc. etc. etc. keep putting up before them.

Why do that when they can simply move on down South about a 100 miles and be in one of two counties that do not have all of these strict rules and ‘progressive’ regulations.

So although the Commissioners are trying to assist business to come into the County, by the very nature of the way they rule they are helping chase them off instead!

You decide! Do you want to live in a robotic everything the same Government controlled retirement home, or do you want to live in a substantially free community to raise children where people have the incentive to create businesses and jobs?  You cannot have them both!

Glen H. Inlow


Dear Editor,

I am sitting here writing this with a sad heart. Thursday morning, July 24 at 12 a.m. I was in need of medical care. What I received was totally unexpected. After being taken into a room, I overhear [the physician], who was on call, tell the nurse, “Get them out of there, then I will go in to treat her.”

He was talking about my 13 year old grandson and the lady who took me there. This was a first and I couldn’t understand it seeing how the man next door had his wife in with him.

It only got worse when he came in. I felt totally disrespected. He came in saying, “I will treat you but this is an E.R. and it is for emergency and for you to come in at 12 a.m. or anytime with this problem is not an emergency. I treated you last month for this.”

He came in saying, “I will treat you but this is an E.R. and it is for emergency and for you to come in at 12 a.m. or anytime with this problem is not an emergency. I treated you last month for this.”

I then told him he has not treated me for this. I did not go there to be treated like this and I feel he was not working to the standards for which a doctor takes an oath to care and treat people with care and respect. Yes, I have health problem. Yes, I take meds for them but, [physician], I am not a drug addicted, never have been, and don’t appreciate being talked to or treated as you did me.

No, I do not have old money or a big Hawthorne name, but that does not give you the right to treat me or anyone for that matter as you did. If this is how you treat your patients (or maybe it’s just me) you may think about a job change. This is truly a hurtful situation and I never would have thought it happened to me.


Shirley Coyne


Dear Editor,

Mr. Jones, you present a couple of interesting arguments in your last two musings. Many people want to live without fear of the sheriff. The bank robber, the mugger, the pick pocket, the child molester and the drug user all want to live without fear of the sheriff just like the rest of society. As for the inspector and tax assessor, I don’t believe we will ever get to a point of not having inspections or taxes. But to fear these people tends to sound a bit like the text book definition of paranoia. So far in my life I have found that the only reason to fear any of these people is because of illegal activity on my part. Yes, I have heard of valid cases of police brutality, but have never seen it here.

As for the County Commissioners cutting thru the red tape so GEN could get started reminds me of a company I heard about from here in Mineral County dating 30 or so years ago. The County Commissioners cut through the red tape and the company opened its doors. Part of the deal was a tax free status for X number of years. Guess what? When X number of years passed the company closed its doors and moved on.

There are many issues involved with starting a business. Is there enough water to support the business? Will the pollution of the chicken waste be too much for the community? Not just the waste itself, but the smell also. Is there a realistic business plan in place for both the short term and the long term? Is the venture properly capitalized? This list goes on and on. Yes it is complicated, but wouldn’t you rather have a business start with a strong chance of survival?

I have noticed one thing in these letters about my position, both the hard right and the hard left sound very much alike. The hard right people attack me because I advocate individual responsibility to our neighbors by cleaning up our property. The hard left people attack because I oppose being perpetually stoned. But if you look at their words, they look very similar. They sound very much like that lot we sent to Washington DC.

God Bless America

Charlie Morris

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

While I know the county has to have money to operate I do not think that having piles of trash littering the open desert is the way to go and that is the bottom line effect of charging to take trash to the dump. Recently, out in the desert, I came across a new pile of trash, three days later several trash bags full of trash were added to that.

Those bags will break down in the sun and the wind will scatter whatever is inside all over the desert. You are looking at the number of people bringing trash to the dump and thinking well we could make this much money.

It will not work out that way because some people will just pile more trash in and around the trash cans, just leave trash on their property, or take it into the desert.

You won’t have the same numbers. There must be a better way. It seems simple enough to just add a minimal amount to the trash bill every month, what would it take? Fifty cents, a dollar, even five dollars? I don’t know. What I do know is a wide open desert as a free trash dump won’t help. Are you going to have county trucks pick up the trash from the desert?

Chris Ruch


Dear Editor,

Not so long ago, when a young hippie couple moved into a little house and began to plant tulips and daisy’s round about it. Then when they began to paint the house with many colors.

Then along came the government spider that chewed up the house and put the children in jail and the children’s children in foster care.

Wilken Jones