Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Aug. 21

Accounts Payable

Teresa McNally, deputy recorder-auditor presented the vouchers, credit card approval forms and capital outlay purchase orders for signature. A credit card purchase for Adobe was made for $179.88 for the fire department. This was last year’s bill. Capital outlay was presented for Tyler Technology for $33,977 for the sheriff’s office for the BRAZO equipment.


The minutes of July 17, Aug. 7 and Aug. 13 were approved.

Quarterly Grant Reports

CAHS – Cherrie George, senior services director discussed her grant funding. She explained the reason why some grants get cut is due to the number of those using the service has decreased. Some cost cutting ideas are keeping lights off in the morning; only turning on the air conditioner when it gets warmer; taking a full-time position to two part-time positions and cutting out the soup. MaryAnn Strong is a new employee at the center. She explained that her staff is all doing a great job. District Attorney – Nothing to report.

Fire Department – Heidi Johnson explained that the ambulance being reboxed is in Las Vegas. Utilities Department – The regional water plan is ready to close out. The Mina well is done with a new pump. Isabella Pearl is contracting two trucks to haul water to the mine and it is a balancing act for the town. A boil water order was in effect due to the new pump until testing is complete. The wetland project is all complete but there are still bills coming in. West Nile has been discovered on the north end of the lake. Mosquito fish were recommended in the ponds as well as catfish planted to eat the sludge. Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Randy Adams stated that POOL/PACT is giving an emergency medical dispatch class in Eureka. The cost to the county after the grant is $9,300. Commissioner Christine Hoferer stated that this would need to be reagendized. He explained all other grants are running as they should. Cooperative Extension – The Healthy Communities Grant goes from Oct. 1 – Sept. 30. They reapplied for the grant and was awarded. Staci Emm praised the older ladies who continue to exercise up at the cooperative extension building. She has to be more strategic with the way they spend their funds. Seventeen kids went to youth camp. Parks & Recreation – Christina Boyles stated that they did not get the grant for the softball field and the only grant they have is out to possibly redo the pump room at the swimming pool. Public Works/Road/ Airport – Hamrey discussed RAC grant and Bodie Canyon. The bridge funds expire next November. The airport wildlife fencing and rehab for the taxiway is approximately $2.3 million.

BLM Update

Ken Collum, Stillwater Field District supervisor – Carson City sat down with the commissioners to give an update. The Pilot-Table Permit Table is being delayed. Will be presented to Washington, D.C. before it is shown to the commissioners. Geothermal lease sale is Sept. 17. The area is near Desert Rose Geothermal Plant. No additional updates on the notice of intent for Mineral County. Collum discussed the naval expansion. The Modesto Ridge Runner Rally went off well from what he heard. Vorra raced by Salt Wells with 85 participants with no major injuries. Vorra is no longer permitted to run in Mineral County. Discussion of Best in the Desert using a county road at the Mina Pit. The road had been blocked and the county was not informed.

Desert Ready Mix

Eric Hamrey stood in for Kirk Bausman regarding the approval of the Desert Ready Mix lease by the commissioners. Discussion of the one-year lease price increase. Larry Grant, utilities director explained that the plant needs a backflow preventer and made the board aware. Grant has been in touch with the owner.

Hometown Health Plan

Kevin Monaghan and Brenda Jones discussed the renewal of the Hometown Health Plan for insurance effective Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020. There will be a two percent reduction.

Sale of Parcel

Don and Doris Brooks approached the commissioners regarding the sale of parcel #006-640-09, the old Skyview property. A motion to move forward with the petition of sale on that parcel was made by Commissioner Garth Price. Don asked for the opening bid to start at $100,000. It was explained that the opening bid would have to be what the taxes are.

Landfill Fires

Grant asked for Hawthorne Landfill to purchase a G1 Industrial SCBA for landfill employees to use during fires. His dozer operator needs to use this gear during a dump fire. Hamrey explained that his department also fights the fires and have had issues breathing, also. Discussion of working with utilities, public works and the fire department working together regarding this.

Concrete Water Tank

Grant stated that there are issues with the water storage. The concrete water storage tank and floating liner have cracks and the seals are leaking. Grant is going to point it out on his sanitary survey to help when the department goes out looking for grants. Farr West suggests two one-million gallon tanks. The Babbitt tank will be retired and mothballed. Sheri Samson asked about Walker Lake GID being in the regional water plan. Grant will speak with her outside of the meeting.

Credit Card Approval

Assessor Kevin Chisum asked to use the county credit card to pay for membership dues and classes from IAAO. The commissioners made a motion to allow the use of the credit card for classes through the International Association of Assessing Officers. Luning Solar Chisum discussed with the commissioner the approval to enter into a contract to conduct an appraisal and to represent Mineral County in any equalization process concerning Luning Solar. Chisum stated that Luning Solar is in disagreement. The contract for with Mark Stafford would be $12,000. Chisum stated that if Stafford finishes the Luning Solar appraisal, he may move onto appraising the buildings at SOC. He stated this is a large project that he needs some help with.

Advertising Billboard

Mark Nixon, planning commission chairmen met in regards to a special use permit submitted by GP Global Outdoor for an advertising billboard on Parcel APN: 001-421-03 to be located on the Hawthorne bypass. Motion passed.

Zoning Change

Nixon met regarding a zoning change from Ci to R1, Parcel APN: 001-233-07, 405 I Street, Hawthorne. The commissioner’s took the planning commission’s recommendation and voted in favor of this change.

Walker Lake Trash

Sheri Samson, West Walker Lake Advisory Board updated the commissioners about Walker Lake trash service and “concerns about resident’s facing an unhealthy trash disposal situation after Sept. 1, with a lack of accessibility for proper disposal and discussion/ possible action for solutions.” Samson explained that the former trash disposal service is no longer running in the area and will be taking his trash receptacles with him. Grant explained that Walker Lake can’t have a transfer station. Samson explained that the apartments are causing problems with vermin and insects after not being dumped after three weeks. Grant explained that the owner of Handy Andy’s was “literally forced out of Walker Lake by the community itself”. Samson explained not everyone. The campaign against Handy Andy cost him 29 customers in one day. A roll-off will be delivered to the lake on Friday’s. Grant reminded those in attendance that it is bear season.

Motorhead’s Car Show

Samson asked for county assistance for the Sept. 14 Motorhead’s Shop, Swap and Car Show. The county will help with trash cans and snow fencing and pointed Samson as to where they can get port-a-potties. Hamrey asked how the monies will be spent with the Boys and Girls Club. She stated that it will be held here in Mineral County. She explained that Yerington Boys and Girls Club keep funding the Mineral County site. She explained that Cashell’s will donate money as well as having already donated pool tables.

Mobile Home Restraint

Samson updated the commissioners about the 8-point/9-point mobile home system, for resolution and county acceptance, which had been previously discussed at the Aug. 7 commissioner meetings. Samson was advised that a resolution will be presented in two weeks.

School to Career

Shelley Tweedy from Mineral County High School discussed with the commissioners the School to Career program and request department participation. She stated this is for juniors and seniors only who are on track to graduate. Price made a motion to continue the program.

Regional Transportation

The Mineral County Regional Transportation Commission met at their regular scheduled time. The airport fuel report began with the 262 gallons of Jet A fuel being sold to the military. $803 went to regional transportation and $218 went to the airport for this transaction. July revenue for fuel sold is $4,266 for regional planning and $1,032 for the airport. $184,988 is the remaining in the regional transportation fund as of this meeting. Discussion of the diesel tax. District Attorney Sean Rowe will draft a resolution. Hoferer will look into the bill and get the item on the agenda. The cost to repair Del Monte Canyon is estimated at $23,492 for four weeks. Hoferer advised to pay for the fix to Del Monte Canyon out of regional transportation commission funds. Discussion of Walker Lake road issues. The commission decided not to proceed. Eric Hamrey explained that he has had issues with people closing Mineral County roads. Discussion of RS2477/ public access roads.

Del Monte Canyon

Eric Hamrey asked the commissioners to assist with the rental costs based on the regional transportation commission recommendation and evaluation. The commissioners explained what was discussed in the regional transportation meeting.

IT Switches

Bret Towe, Mineral County IT Technician requested authorization to purchase three new switches for the court house network. Cost is $7,462.88. The motion was made and approved.

Fire Department School to Career

Fire Chief Chris Lawrence asked to hire two school to careers students for 2019-2020. “Students paid from ambulance fund. Second year student at 8 hours per pay roll with benefits $6,665, first year students a 38 hours per payroll with benefits $3,580. First year pay starts at second semester.” Heidi Johnson, secretary for the fire department presented this item. The item was approved.

Commissioner Assignment

Price explained that he has a hard time making the airport board. Hegg will take over and Price will take planning commission. The commissioner’s discussed different meetings and alternates.

Closed Session

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to NRS 288.220 to discuss/review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations.

Open Session

The commissioners came back into open session. The commissioners voted to accept the tentative agreements as posted of all three unions.