Principal Jeffrey Wales of the Hawthorne Junior High School announced that a School Safety Committee will be formulated for the seventh and eighth graders, led by Kathy Trujillo, Safe School Professional and School Resource Officer Michael Barnes, with the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department.

The Hawthorne Junior High Safety Committee will consist of a small group of people willing to focus on school safety issues and the concern of bullying prevention. Parents of these Junior High students are invited to share their viewpoints regarding this intervention program by contacting Kathy Trujillo at 775-945-3332, ext. 16. Interested teachers, staff members and students are also urged to bring their perspectives and insights. It is important to deal with real-life challenges using relevant circumstances within our own junior high school community.

The first meeting will be scheduled early November with a specific time frame determined by the membership for the committee. The committee will not be formed to discuss individual student behaviors, as there is a standard chain of command in place for discipline or reporting situations. This endeavor will be working toward making an overall positive contribution toward student and school safety. There will be a primary move to ensure everyone understands the problems associated with safety within the school climate and within the role to stop and prevent bullying from ever happening.

Trujillo is welcomed to the School Safety position as she looks forward to accomplishing specific goals within the safety and security of students.