Dear Editor,

If you happen to lose your pet, please call the Mineral County Animal Control, first. Our priorities are public safety and animal safety. We want to get the animals home as quickly as possible. Having a Mineral County Animal license also helps us get to that end.

We know that dogs accidentally get out. First time, we normally won’t issue a citation. If the occurrences are frequent and it appears that an owner doesn’t care about the issue, we will issue citations.

Again, public safety and the welfare of the animals are our priorities.

The phone numbers for Animal Control are Mineral County Sheriff’s Office dispatch 945-2434 or the shelter at 945-0701.

Thank you,

Dan Brogden

Mineral County Animal Control


Dear Editor,

Hello Kiddies. The word of the day is OVERREACT. It’s what school administrators do when they are either incredibly stupid or when they lack any shred of common sense.

The other day, a student at the local junior high/high school wrote an inane and innocuous status on his Facebook page: “Will Simone go to school tomato and shoot ms Drayton.” He then commented on his status, “Stautin.” The idiots in charge of our children took immediate action to mitigate a perceived threat by sending this letter home with each student, automated-message calling all parent/guardian homes, emailing them, and text messaging them.

I know the kid. I know him pretty well, in fact, having spent weekends camping with him and other kids around his age in group settings (notice how I had to describe the circumstances, lest some school administrator accuse me of being a pedophile.) He has no intention of harming, or causing to be harmed, his teacher.

When I was in high school I often planned to shoot my teachers. Hell, I even planned to shoot my fellow students, and I did – I shot every teacher and most of the students in the school at some point, as a yearbook photographer. I shot sports, dances, and other activities, too. Yep, I shot them with my Olympus OM2.

And who is Simone, anyway? Is she that fictional, computer-generated character from that dreadful Al Pacino bomb? (Um, I meant awful movie – I must choose my words more carefully, as a school administrator might be reading this.) Where is school tomato? He must have meant school ketchup, because we all know that the schools now count ketchup as a vegetable in the school lunch programs. And who is Ms. Drayton? There is no one on staff with such a name. Finally, when he mentioned the name Stautin in a follow-up comment, was he reaching out for help from his English teacher, because that is Ms. Stautin? Judging by his poorly written, non-sensible status, it is English he needs help with – and nothing more, as the dumbass administrators seem to think.

Duane Pittman



Dear Editor,

My Experience With Your Sheriff

(Stewart Handte)

I am an Eagle Scout who has been very outspoken on government corruption. This is a little portion of my story on how I met your Sheriff, with more details of my Federal lawsuit to be released at another time.
After living in Storey County Nevada for 22 years and being witness to a lot of corruption (nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, assaults and much more), I was encouraged to run for County Commissioner.
One of my biggest complaints was when the Commissioners bought off the “Twice Elected” Sheriff (Pat Witten) and created a new job for him (a job that has never existed in the county before), they also provided his wife and daughter with county jobs. The worst part of this deal was who they decided to appoint as our new Sheriff, his name is Jim Miller. Miller grew up in in Virginia City, which is the county seat for Storey County. Miller’s father was the undersheriff of Storey County years ago. Supposedly our new Sheriff (Miller) decided to leave a lucrative job as head of Security for Newmont Mining (something I questioned and he didn’t appreciate). Prior to that position he was Sheriff of Elko.
I learned quickly that these people were not happy with me exposing their unethical; illegal; and questionable activities while I was campaigning. I was warned to keep my mouth shut or risk being financially ruined or worse. A while later I was enlightened with a visit from Storey County’s less than finest detectives, and an ATF Agent along with a search warrant. A friend of mine who ran against Jim Miller for Sheriff was also paid a visit by the same ATF agent. This friend moved out of Storey County soon after this visit. None of this intimidation stopped me from exposing the illegal and immoral actions of those officials running Storey County. Then on Christmas Eve 2007, I was arrested; booked into jail; and looking at 15 years to life in prison.

While going through years of a legal battle to prove my innocence, I was fortunate enough to meet Deputy Stewart  Handte and one of his fellow co-workers. They came forward with information on how I was being set up. This information played a big role in my defense, and my case was eventually dismissed with prejudice. .

Today the shoe is on the other foot. See (Google) Eric Pierson v. Storey County, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada. Greg Hess, an individual; Jim Miller, an individual; Laura Grant, an individual.
The people of Mineral County are very fortunate to have a Sheriff that is willing to stand up for their rights, also a man that is dedicated to his family, his community and his profession. He takes his oath of office seriously, and when needed he will be there for you.

I am honored to call Sheriff Handte my friend, and it is my hope, that the people of Mineral County realize what a great asset he is to their community.

Make Nevada a better place to live.  “Elect Stewart Handte for Sheriff.”

Eric Pierson