By Stephen Tool, MCIN Staff

At 8:42 a.m. on the morning of April 1, Mineral County dispatch received a call requesting a response to a van fire at the corner of 9th and K streets. The van belonged to Robert and Tari Straw. Within a minute, one engine and the fire chief and an ambulance were enroute to the call.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s dept. blocked off the area while firemen went to work on the fire. The fire dept. extinguished the smoldering van within 20 minutes.

Both of the Straws were inside the house when a passerby noticed the fire and called dispatch. Tari Straw said the fire dept. determined the fire most likely started from a cell phone charger.

Robert Straw said they had just returned from taking the van on a vacation to the Grand Canyon and they experienced no problems. “Tari just finished taking the kids to school and we were sitting in the back yard enjoying the sun when someone who was vigilant saw what was happening.

“I’m just thankful the passerby happened when he did and that the response from emergency personnel was so fast,” Straw said.