As one can imagine, cancer treatment is not a quick or easy process. For children with cancer, this process often lasts years. These children spend from weeks to months at a time in the hospital as they undergo chemotherapy; radiation therapy; surgery; and other procedures. They are often unable to attend school and participate in many childhood activities. For a large portion of time during their treatment, children with cancer are usually in their pajamas.

As a way to raise money and childhood cancer awareness, CCSD is hosting PJammin For Kids With Cancer on Thursday, Sept. 26. This event is a way for businesses and schools to show support by paying a minimum of $1 per participant in exchange for the ability to wear pajamas to school or work for a day. While this is a fun way to raise money, it’s also a symbolic way to show support for the children who have no choice about whether or not they have to be in their pajamas all the time.

All money raised will be donated toward the programs and services of the American Childhood Cancer Organization, along with the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.

For more information about PJammin, please visit

For more information on PJammin in Mineral County, please contact Teresa McNally 316-2665 or Stephanie Wright at 775-316-2665