Thank You,

We would like to publicly thank all those that participated in the Motorhead’s Shop, Swap and Car Show and for our local management, Glenn Carnes and Terry Rideout, at the El Capitan Lodge and Casino, for hosting such a large event within your property and facilities. Without everyone supporting this event, it could never have been the success that it turned out to be within our community.

With the funds raised, it will assist our own local Boys and Girls Club, to continue providing a safe place for our children, with year-round programs, weekday meals, the interaction of games and exercise, homework assistance, art projects and so much more. “The Club” was busy and remained full all summer long, meeting the needs of 50 to 80 kids a day, while staffed for long hours most days. It has also become an after-school location for many of our local children, as well as their Friday Fun place.

Many in our community may not realize that “The Club” relies upon outside funding to offer these services, which remains an amazingly low cost to our local families. That is why we appreciate every donation recently made. The large financial goal, as well as an awareness toward this organization, was achieved and will hopefully began a positive momentum.

A special thanks goes to Rob Cashell, from Topaz Lake Resort, for the financial donation boost made toward The Club’s immediate specific needs, as well as donating pool tables and games sets. Gold Resource Company, we thank you for generously assisting in seeding our event, which made so many good things possible. Companies such as Leidos and Ledcor, we appreciate your financial gifting, as well as the 911 Team’s contribution and the local Sportsman Club donation, which came forth directly to The Club. And Miller’s Chopshop kindly gifted back the auction money raised at the Car Show, to purchase their special pin-stripped grill piece, plus they hosted a pass-the-bucket moment, hosted by their friend, Ryan Gavin, which raised $301.00 within minutes. Cassie Dore’, we thank you and Buck and all of your staff, for a wonderful Friday evening, of which $667.00 was raised by crowd donations. We are all amazed by the overwhelming generosity and positive spirit of giving that has come forth for our local Boys & Girls Club benefit. After-all, kids are our future and good ground for investment.

Mineral County Motorheads Club Members and mceda Director and Board Memembers