Mark Nixon, Mineral County Planning and Zoning member, met with the Mineral County Commissioners on Sept. 21 in regards to the I-11 corridor that could possibly make its way into the county. He explained to commissioners the updates regarding the project.

He said that on Aug. 26-27 the Republican Central Committee met at Tahoe and Nixon proposed a resolution of support for the I-11 corridor project to come through Mineral County which was unanimously passed.

Nixon explained that this bill needs to be pushed bipartisan and has gotten support from both Clark County and Washoe County members.

The resolution will go to the legislative counsel bureau and Assemblyman Ira Hansen will help to push this through. Nixon also explained that Congressman Mark Amodei is also working on this issue.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton said that USA Parkway will be “punched through” from Highway 50 a year from this August.

She explained that due to this, there could be an increase of up to 8,000 trucks monthly on our rural roadways.

When asked how much traffic Mineral County currently gets, Nixon explained that he had contact the Nevada Department of Transportation for a couple of the study and to date has yet to receive any information back.

Discussion regarding the increase in traffic and the near-miss accidents was discussed.

Nixon says he has a meeting with Churchill County in joining Mineral on proposed routes.