Dear Editor,

The truth is Mineral County doesn’t need a $100,000 a year county school superintendent.

Had I a young lad in high school while I was paying high school taxes, I would rather be taught to drive commercial trucks and backhoes and road graders as that that would give fall back on job security in his not too distant future.

On the other hand of brutal football, his not too distant future might be burdened with broken arms and fractures, dislocated tendons, vessels and brains. I think hours of grid iron practice, long nighttime road trips and dances are rather a precious waste of time. We could easily have day time dances.

Our county workers could teach our kids to operate county machinery and tracks for free. Our children’s future is worth more than the greed at the ticket gate.

Will Jones


Dear Editor,

I would like to address concerns regarding MCHS [Mineral County High School] and MCSD [Mineral County School District], with no regards to HES [Hawthorne Elementary School] or staff not involved.

Recently my daughter and five students filed a complaint against an MCHS staff member for bullying them. The school and school district failed to address this issue in an appropriate and timely manner. According to NRS 388-1351, when a violation of NRS 388.135 (bullying prohibited) is reported, the person receiving the report must notify the principal or designee on the same day the report was made. The principal or designee must complete the investigation within ten days of the initial report. A letter is to be sent out to all parents of each pupil involved, notifying them of the investigation.

The school failed to do this.

Instead of addressing the students concerns, they allowed retaliation and further bullying from other students to continue for 3.5 weeks before starting a proper investigation. In fear of more retaliation, three students backed down. My daughter and two other students continued to stand up for themselves. As a result, the MCHS principal allowed the cheer coach to kick my daughter off the cheer squad and our male cheerleader was told in not so many words that if he continued with these accusations then he would be next.

This is a violation of NRS 388.137- immunity for reporting a violation. No cause of action shall be brought against a pupil who reports a violation of NRS 388.135.

I have sent numerous emails to MCHS, MCSD, and the president of the school board and have received little or no response and absolutely no support. I requested to be on the school board agenda and was denied. I have been accused by school faculty of turning the school upside down, causing hate and discontent among the students and turning the community against MCHS.
This certainly isn’t my fault nor the other parents or students involved. Our school has failed to stand by their zero tolerance bullying policy. They are required to ensure that all children are to receive a safe, healthy and equal education free from prejudice and bullying.

They are failing to do that.

Everyday my daughter is constantly being harassed and bullied by some of the cheerleaders. Another student is harassed so badly that she comes home in tears or misses school all together. As of today the result from this horrible situation and lack of professionalism by the school district, has been three cheerleaders to quit the squad, one kicked off, and two parents banned from MCHS, one being myself.

There are many hurt feelings and long time friendships broken. This all could’ve been avoided had the school followed proper procedures and handled the situation instead of avoiding it. The message they have sent is that if you take a stand against our faculty, you will be punished for it. I am appalled at their actions or lack thereof. It is sickening and heartbreaking that these children have to endure the humiliation and be ridiculed by their peers while the school continues to do nothing about it. I’m tired of my daughter being harassed for being a strong, brave, courageous young woman. She should be commended for her strengths not punished for them. Shame on you for shunning our children instead of protecting them.

Linda Spanier